As I mentioned in my earlier blog Beginning to be a Runner, I started to run :) I signed up for a beginners 10K running plan from Runners World.
Break up of the Training Plan
The 6 week beginners 10K Plan starts to push you from Day 1. I started with 6.49 KM on day one and ended with 8.21 KM by the End of the week.
The second week started with 4.2 KM and ended with 9.44 KM. Honestly, from second week, it gets a little pushy. You run 5 days a week. For beginners, this might be a little too much, but trust me, you will feel accomplished end of each week. You will not regret the miles you will be logging.
Here is a snapshot of how I did in the first two weeks. My Average speed has been dropping down, but Average pace is bettering up as you can see below.

2 Weeks Running Summary


I started using myFitnessPal to track my food intake and below is a snapshot of how my food intake (calorie intake specifically) has been over the last two weeks. Three days in two weeks, took a break with beer, remaining days have stuck to what my plan.
To add to my luck, my organization started to serve Healthy menu for lunch for the last two weeks and have been sticking to that menu all five days a week, except one day when I had to step out for lunch.
However, being a Vegetarian, it has been a little difficult for me to maintain my food intake. I could pick up Fruits only for few days and then I could not, but was sticking to dry fruits (Walnut and Figs) regularly.
I am not happy with my food intake. Have not been eating healthy and the below graph is a visible proof.
Food Intake
Before the run
Eat a fruit before your run, it will help you build energy. I do early morning runs, considering it is getting warmer here in Bangalore and also there are no decent places where i can run during the day or evening near to where I live. So, before I head out by around 5:20 AM, I eat a fruit and that really pushes me to run more.
Ensure that you warm up and stretch out before the run. Just getting out on the road and running will not help, your muscles get sore and you give up in just few days. Warming up and closing your run with a Cool down process are very important aspects your your run.
Post Run
Relax. Sit down and calm your body and mind. Once you get your breath, complete your run with stretches. This is very important.
Have a Protein shake (2 Scoops) which would help you add some protein to your body and also help you to come out of your tiredness quickly.
Ensure you are wearing a good pair of running shoes. Regular sneakers and canvas shoes don’t help. If you are serious of running, then you need to find the right shoes which support your feet and body. There are quite a few websites which provide insightful information on choosing running shoes. Here are few sites where you can begin,
I am currently using Brooks Revana 2. I put 270 KM on these and I am looking at picking up a new pair after I complete 400 KM.
I prefer shorts and sweat absorbing tee’s. Anything which is comfortable for you and doesn’t make you stop running is absolutely fine :)
You will need water while you run. Carry a small bottle so that you can sip when your tonnage dries up. Over the day, drink plenty of water, else you will feel dehydrated which will give you headache and other pain’s which will make your stop running.
Choosing your music
You need something to push you. If you are running alone like me, you would definitely need something to push you further. Choose the right kind of music which suits your style. As long as the music pumps up your heart beat, you can listen to any music you like.
I personally like Rock and fusion along with good Telugu music. You can search on the web for what other runners are listening, see if that suits your tastes and you can pick up from there. You might want to begin here.
After I got access to Spotify, I stopped buying music. The $10 monthly fee is worth to listen to which ever music you wish to listen and even save songs to listen when in offline more.
Tracking your runs
Tracking your runs are definitely going to motivate you when ever you look at statistics they provide. I use Endomondo and Nike Running apps to track my runs. I look at them very frequently to motivate myself. If you use either of these apps, do add me to your friend list so that we can motivate each other :)
Find interesting Running books to get even more motivated. They say that it takes 21 days for a new habit to become a part of life. So, the first 21 days of your running schedule is very important.
Here are few books which I suggest, trust me, you would love them.
After I am done with my 10K running program, will start with a Marathon Training plan, but along the way I wish to start following the 60 Week Plan to Be Iron Fit: Time-efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness.
If you are not much into reading, then watch You Tube videos of Ironman events. They will change the way you look at life completely.
Yes. I did not touch on these topics since I did not do much of strength training in the last two weeks. Building stamina, strength and building your core to take you the extra mile are very important part of your running. I personally wanted to push myself for two weeks before I started on my core workouts. Once I start, I will definitely provide an update in my Running Stories

I have been running off and on for a while and over a period of time I decided to take running a little more seriously than I did earlier.

So, yesterday, I decided to get myself ready for the upcoming TCK 10K on 17 May 2015.

My last reading has been You are an Ironman, by Jacques Steinberg. It is a collection of stories of 6 running from around the world who started running for a small change and to get back in shape, and over the course of time, as fate would have it, have been introduced to Ironman and then began training for the mega-event. The stories will definitely pump up your blood.

Since reading the book, I slowly started to bring running into my schedule. Last week, went for a nutritionist appointment and chalked out a nutrition plan. Yesterday, after my morning run for about 3.66 KM, went and signed up for an on-line Training plan for 10K. Training begins from tomorrow (today being the rest day).

BTW, did I mention? I have been a smoker for last 15 Years and now, I decided to kick the butt (I tried few times earlier when i failed and am not willing to give up any soon). In this process, I wish to let the habit go too.

This blog is dedicated to people like me who wish to follow their passion.

India is always compared to US, a nation which has established it’s 300 Years of Independence and quite a few times, the policies are compared and contrasted with the US. I personally feel we should not do this comparison and focus on how to build Innovative solutions to address the needs of a country like India.
India is 4 times more in population when compared to the US and we are an economy which has been struggling to establish itself in the 65 Years of Independence. I do not wish to go into history, but just a point of reference when in 1800’s, India was one of the richest land’s in the world and hence we have been invaded by quite a few people and finally ruled until 1947. There was a lot of damage done and we should take responsibility for it.
What is over is over and today, we are a nation of proud accomplishments. From the recent Mission to Mars to the complete eradication of Polio, it is not an easy task when a country has such a varied distribution of population and practices of many native medicine.
In India, the Union Government is responsible for allocating Budget for Health Services. This money is distributed to the State Government’s considering various parameters and the State Government’s are responsible for delivering Health Services to the common man.
If we go deeper into understanding how the HealthCare is structured in India, the Primary HealthCare Centre is the first point of contact for any of its 1.2 Billion Population. A PHC serves to a population of anywhere between 1,500 – 5000 people. For more information on the exact numbers and categorisation, please refer to my earlier blog post on HealthCare Infrastructure in India and my other posts under HealthCare in India category.
Today, the need of the hour is for us to push for some strong amendments to the HealthCare Law in India. Here are few of my thoughts on how we can work on building the foundations for a stronger HealthCare system in India.
1. On-line or Centralised Drug Database – This might look naive, however, this plays a very crucial role in building up a strong Health Delivery System. For technology to play a bigger role in building up India’s Health System, having a central Drug database is a must and the first step.
2. Fee Regulations for Private HealthCare – We hear the economic distribution of Private Vs. Public Health in almost all the case studies on HealthCare in India. 70% is still out of pocket. We need to have a law to regulate the cost of basic Health Services across the country. For example, for a first / basic consultation, the Doctor fee or the Hospital charge should be same across the country. This will help in more people approaching bigger/better facilities to ensure they receive the best consultation and there is no competition among Hospitals or for Doctors. My argument here is that the first point of contact for any consultation should be regulated.
3. Common Health Practices across the nation – We do not have a strong law in the country where the Hospital Workflow’s remain constant. Each hospital has it’s own rule and patients are bound to abide by them. If I need to fight out, i should take time out to go to the Court. We need to establish common rules of how Hospitals treat patients and the rights patients have to access their Health data.
4. Common Registration System – Each Hospital has their own rule of how they treat the Patient registration System. This has to be regulated to ensure the basic Patient demographic data is always constant and can be carried by the individual. Use of Adhaar like system to enforce this is very practical and brings ease of managing this aspect.
Last but not the least, we should encourage initiatives which bring in a stronger Health Law.

I tried few running apps available for the iOS Platform and analysed each of them to analyse which makes running more easier and fun.


Cost: Free
Just made for running, either on the Road, Trial or Tread Mill. Keeps it very simple to track the map of your run track and Preselecting the music Playlist. When you open the App and choose to Run, it stars playing your Playlist.

With the ‘Coach’, you can train for 5K, 10K, 21.1 and 42.2 Distances. I tried the 5K and it has been very useful.
You can add friends and the app will consistently show you the analysis of how you and your friends are doing on a weekly and monthly basis.


Cost: 1 Year – Rs.2,500 or Monthly fee of Rs.620
The basic app is free, however, if you want to have more insights into your activities, you will need to get a paid subscription.

RunKeeper tracks more activities than any other app – Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Walking, Hiking, Downhill Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Snowboarding, Skating, Swimming, Wheelchair, Rowing, Nordic Walking.

I tried the basic version and for the Running, it does a pretty neat job in providing analysis. It provides you with the Start Time, End Time, Pace, Calories. Also, gives you the ability to see your activity in Charts and also run splits (if you wish to see how you have done at certain milestones)

Cost: Rs.300
The basic app is free for tracking your running. You also get Training plan for Weight loss, Beginner, 10K Run, Half Marathon, Marathon and Bikini Body Prep with the basic app.

In the paid version, the app provides you with information on Heart Rate and Elevations. Also there is “Story Running” in the paid version.


Basic App: Free
Rs.250 / Monthly or Rs.1,850 Annually

Provides you with information on Distance, Duration, Average Speed, Maximum Speed, Calories, Hydration, Minimum Altitude, Max Altitude, Ascent and Decent.

In the Paid version, you get beautiful graphical analysis of your run.

Endomondo can give you various Fitness Tests, Challenges and help you keep pace with your friends.


Cost: Rs.300

A completely paid app with a very different story line. I have not used it, but here is a very good link with the review of Zombies, Run.

LifeHacker identified MapMyRun, RunKeeper, Nike+, Endomondo and Zombies, Run as the best running apps based on a poll.

Based on the easiness to use, if you do not want to buy, Nike+ is the best. This app exactly does what you need, just for running.

But, if you are willing to try a paid version, go for the Endomondo.

I am trying to compile a list of HealthCare Startup’s in India, mostly Technology startup’s focusing on building products/services for India and Emerging Markets like India.

Here is a list which I could put together. Please share with me if I have missed any names: 

In his book Free, Chris Anderson begins saying that he is using a web book (costing at least 60% cheaper than a traditional laptop), storing his writings on Google servers (which is free), sitting in a Starbucks using their free wi-fi and not to undermine the air conditioning and luxurious sofa, where his only expense is the coffee. But, the book still costs us $20. Why?

When we have so many new ways of working smart, how many do we actually use? There are million publications on the best apps and software to use and there are user ratings which are public and help you decide what to use.

This is an account of my personal exploration of using technology to work smart.


Try Evernote, a simple yet powerful tool where you can store almost everything and related to your notes, including Hand written notes, attachments and files.

Why? Because you never know when you get the best idea or a plan to work on. Keeping your thoughts synchronised plays a vital role in us becoming smarter.


Presentations are the reflections of our creativity. We try to get creative with the available tools. What if there is something which will help us be more creative? Prezi is the answer. If you have seen a Prezi presentation earlier, you have got it. It is such an amazing and simple tool which can help us get more creative. Conveying our idea on a illustration would reach people 80% faster (my estimate and experience) than bulleted points.

Prezi is for Presentation, what Xerox is for Photo Copy.


Ever wondered what makes the 9 wonders of the world really a wonder? Because they are a treat to the eyes. When you see a Taj Mahal, your mind is thinking of what would have the architect been thinking when he designed it.

The same applies to your writing. When you hand over a document to someone, the writing should immediately take the reader into a different world (let it be a sales projection or Balance Sheet).

Your creativity in writing is 80%, but the tools you use will add the remaining 20%. Even though Keynote quite does not do as much as Word, the simplicity by which you can create your documents is what keeps me with Keynote. The font typeface’s make huge difference and help you engrave beauty into your writing.

Disclaimer: I do not get paid from anyone for this article. After exploring quite a few tools, I have stuck to the above list. 

As 2014 Dawn’s, it is quite natural for us to ponder on what are the trends coming up.

Here are the Top 5 trends in Technology which I accrued.

5. Mobile

Mobile is one device which is more personal than anything for each one of us. It would be interesting to watch out for the emerging trends in the space, however, as various other technologies become part of our lives, we need to see what other innovations on mobile would change the way we use it.

4. Bid Data

In the last 20 years of technological evolutions, as more and more people started accepting one or the other form of technology into their lives, we have data. Enough data to spot the minuscule aspects of our lives. As more and more data is shared between various stakeholders, Big Data plays a very crucial role in defining our lives of the future.

3. TV

When was the last time you frantically switched channels on the TV trying to find something what you “wished” to watch rather than just watching what you are shown? Am sure it is not long ago. TV is the next big technology influence in our lives. TV is becoming personal like the mobile devices. Private telecasts, Personal channels streaming “passion” programs are beginning to evolve. In the near future, you will be able to create your own channel and air your own programs.

2. Startup’s, Startup’s and more Startup’s

Small Businesses or Startup’s as they are more savvily called, are the backbone of the growing/emerging economies. The rate at which these small enterprises contribute to the economy is changing every day. According to an advertisement by IBM, small businesses account to 99% of all the enterprises and two-thirds of employment.

1. Social Media

Building your brand (personal/business) is going to be very big in 2014. We have been seeing this trend picking up on Facebook in the later part of 2013 and you will see this gaining momentum in 2014.

My sources of information include Bloomberg, Forges, HBR Blogs, Newspapers and various readings on the Net. 

Today, for the first time, had an opportunity to see the KC Chief’s in action live at an almost packed stadium playing the Indianapolis Colts. It was electrifying. The open stadium is filled with Red (the official colour of KC Chiefs) beating odds of a mild snowfall too. I loved the passion in each of the supporters. I cannot really compare to the crowds of a Cricket Match in India, but still, the passion was electrifying and i was so very impressed. I did learn few things from today’s game.

KC Chief’s has had a very good track this season, winning 11 Games out of the 16 games they played. The KC Arrowhead Stadium recorded to be the loudest stadium in the world on 13 October 2013 recording a sound level of 137.5 dB and I was looking to hear it. Unfortunately, the Chief’s did not fare well today and hence it was not that loud.

Now, what did I learn by being there?

The Passion

We see passion every day in many ways, but the way each of the audience were passionate about their game was electrifying. For all the 60 minutes, each one was so engrossed in the game that they did not even bother the chilly weather around them.

Learning – No matter what the situation is, be passionate of what you do. Results will definitely follow.


When my friend Jeff, who was kind enough to invite me told me that he would pick me at 8:30 AM in the morning, I thought the game begins earlier only to understand they they get together, set up tent’s, cook, have a beer and then head to the game which starts at noon. It has been snowing for the last 24 hours (mild showers though), but even then, I saw families (adults and kids) by the time we reached there around 9 AM who have set up tents, heaters and grills to cook and have fun. Trust me, I would have given it a pass, but thanks to the opportunity, I wanted to see it. I heard these stories earlier, but experiencing in person is so different.

Learning – When you have a passion, you beat the odds. Have passion in you always so that it takes you places and gives you the confidence that you can do what other’s can’t. When I reached there and saw the parking lot, all my laziness was gone and I was part of the crowd.

Beating the odds

I said it earlier, the whole aspect of living is to beat the odds. Defying the weather, taking time out on a Sunday to be at the Stadium to cheer their home team was so awesome. I knew America took pride in their game’s and teams, but this is completely different for me.


In the first Quarter, Chief’s made 7 and as usual, the energy was filled in the whole stadium. However, they could not get pass that mark in remaining quarters. No one in the crowd even thought of leaving till the last minute of the game just waiting to watch if things could turn around.

Learning – This is persistence for me. Wait till the end to ensure you support your passion and don’t bother of the result.

When the World is against you

I put myself in the opponent’s place for a moment. The stadium is packed with Red Colour, it is not their home ground, the first Quarter was bad with no point on the scoreboard. Technically, I could not hear any one voice supporting them, however, they played their best and went on to take over the game.

Learning – When you are following your passion to win, the whole world is not with you. Even then, standing there believing in yourself takes you places.


KC Chief’s play the Chargers on the 29 December in San Diego. I wish nothing but the best for them. KC Chief’s have not won a Super Bowl since 1969 and I really hope and wish this Christmas, they realise the dream and go on to with the World Championship title.

Go Chief’s….

Arrowhead 1 Arrowhead 2 Arrowhead 3 Arrowhead 4 Arrowhead 5 Arrowhead 6 Arrowhead 7


No matter what music does – Motivation / Relaxation / Rejuvenation, it is all in the way you listen to it. Musicians take their lives out to create the best they can to ensure we live our dreams.

The key component of music is the notes, the notes which create the vibrations required to touch your senses and instigate you with the best of your thoughts.

Music does the same to me. Makes me romantic / inspires me and helps stimulate the best of the vibrations in me. I am sure it is the same for most of us.

When i chose to buy my home music player, I chose the speakers which gave the best sound out-put, which means all components of the music should be given equal importance and all notes are to be played they way they were recorded. The amplifier is the key, but what if the amp does its best and speakers don’t deliver as expected? :)

I decided to upgrade and buy a Bluetooth Speaker to get more out of my music. There are good number of options available today, however, as we all have our economical and environmental influences, we tend to reduce or settle for something less just to keep our hearts content.

Considering the ease to carry, size and cost, I shortlisted the Logitech UE Mini Boom and the Bose SoundLink Mini.

The Logitech UE Mini Boom is a very handy, portable and light speaker which can fit in a corner of your bag and come along without adding a lot of weight. It also has a iOS app which can help you with a little configuration and also if you choose to “double” up the Mini’s, you can use the app to control the output.

The Mini Boom is Lightweight, comes in various colours and has a Battery life is around 8 Hours (in medium volume).
The output of the music is not to its best. It gives priority to the Bass and hence you feel that you are listening to your music having your ear on the wall/table. It gives you that vibrational effect which might kill the essence to the kind of music you are listening.

The Mini Boom costs $99 and you can double it up without much additions to the output. However, when you double up, the distribution between the two is good.

The second option I considered is the Bose SoundLink Mini. The one word I can use to best describe this piece is Value for your Money. It does what it needs to do – deliver the best music quality in its class. It is not too heavy (heavier than UE Mini Boom though), a little bigger in size, but can definitely get into your backpack.

The bass is good and it differentiates the notes without mixing up the tunes. I listen to Rock, Indian Classical and Carnatic music and for these, the note differentiation makes all the impact. The bose delivers good sound output too.

When you add the SoundLink Mini to your iPad and watch a movie, you can definitely have a better output than your TV. I really enjoyed watching an action packed movie with the speaker.

There is an optional Speaker case which you can buy on Amazon which can organize your bag and speaker components.

In summary, considering where the Bluetooth technology today is, Bose has made the best use to give it’s best. Go for it and be Inspired..