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Building Communities

When ever I go for a sales pitch, I get this question – How can your platform help build our community?  The 3 conferences I attended over the last one year, this was one of the most common question. There have been sessions and tracks on building communities and I tried to attend to understand the perspective.  Technically, Culture is how people in…

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Automating Coworking
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Automating #Coworking

Any business, be it a cycle repair shop or a departmental store these days uses a technology device to provide consumer satisfaction and also put in order their business workflow.  Recently, I have been to a cycle shop for a small job. After he finished, I realised I did not carry my wallet for some reason. I apologised to him…

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Technology in #Coworking

In 2016, I quit my full time corporate job to start working on my own. I had an idea of building a consulting firm (even though my heart was in Products). After few months of working from coffee shops, I stumbled upon a #coworking space which opened near my home and I subscribed for a Hot desk just to see…

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The power of being unreasonable

There is one thing which I learned in the last ten years, being unreasonable. Even if it is not in the preview, often people go out of the way and respond to you when you ask. After I started sales for my product, in the last three months, I have only been doing reference sales. I reach out to people…

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Starting a Co-workng space

Co-working, as a term, moved away from being a verb to a noun. Starting a Co-working space is both fascinating and capital rich. Inspiring people around you to achieve much more is the key attitude of a Co-working space operation. Over the last year or so, I noticed many Co-working spaces started sprouting up all over the country and all…

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Changing the way we Co-work

On 4th Jan 2018, we went live with our product aCubeNow™. It is the first of its kind platform for Co-working spaces to Manage Infrastructure, Assets, Event Management, Issue Management and Communicate with their members. But first, let me take you thru how this journey began. In 2015, when I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I was working out…

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Starting up to Sell (S2S)

In today’s world, starting a company, finding funding and taking products to market is not tough, but the toughest is to sustain the business. The moment your idea is out in the market, there are a hundred others who will bring similar products with different Business Models. As an Innovator and Entrepreneur, your success depends on how well informed you…

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