Life gets really unfair at times. Robs you of what you deserve and what you are destined. Brings you down each second, trying to show you that what ever you do, it has the upper hand. It teaches you to cry, loose confidence and hurt yourself. This is the reality of life.
What do you at these times? Give up? The easy answer is “What ever is destined, it will happen” and this is correct. What ever is destined, will definitely happen. But, if you take a moment and question yourself, the path you have taken, the decisions you have made, all of these will give you different answers.
What did Steve Jobs do when he got fired from his own company? What did Richard Branson do when he had to sell his successfully running music business to start Virgin Airlines and when British Airways was beating him top to bottom? Did they give up? If they did, today, I will not be typing on a MacBook or think of flying in Virgin Atlantic.
Simple Question we need to ask ourself is “What do I want to be remembered for?” This is what Dr. APJ Kalam asked himself. When someone asked him this question, they were looking forward to hearing – Scientist, Statesman etc. But, Dr. Kalam was quick to respond “Teacher”.
Fortunate for him, Dr. Kalam breathed his last when he was teaching and we remember him as a true Thought Leader who had his Theatre of Action perfectly in place.
So, what do you want to be remembered for?
India is a very interesting, unique economy in this world and there are many reasons for that. We are the country with the highest “working population”, we are a country with various traditional medical practices (which prove to work), we are a country with considerable number of people Below Poverty Line, we are a country, where in the last two decades have seen changes in our lives, livelihood, migrations and better quality of life.
With this, even the HealthCare landscape in India is changing. The model we follow is the “Out of Pocket Model”. Even though the Government has a very good spread for reaching each person in the Country, due to various factors, this does not work as expected. Private players are increasing and Technology is playing a bigger role in bridging the HealthCare needs to the common man.
Let us quickly examine the 4 HealthCare models on this Planet:
The Beveridge Model
This model is named after William Beveridge, the man who designed and developed the Britain’s NHS (National Health Services).
In this model, the complete Health Services are funded by the Government from the tax’s collected from public. The best example of complete Beveridge Model adoption is Cuba.
The Bismarck Model
This model is named after Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. This is an Insurance Model where employers and employees pay for Health Insurance through their payrolls. The Government holds a very strong control on the payout’s and hence the HealthCare costs are controlled. This is a pure “not-for-profit” model and this is the reason even though there are private Health Services, the costs do not go up.
This model is followed in Germany (where there are more than 200 funds which contribute to HealthCare services) and other European countries including Japan and Latin America.
The National Health Insurance Model
This is a combination of Beveridge and Bismarck models. This model uses private providers but funding comes from the Government’s Insurance Programs to which people contribute to. Since payments are controlled by Government, there are no denials/exploitations in the costs and services.
Best example for NHI Model is Canada.
The Out of Pocket Model
About 25% of countries in this world have an established HealthCare Systems are the remaining are Out of Pocket Models.
This is a straight forward model where you pay for the services utilised (Minimal/free in Government Hospitals and completely paid for in Private Hospitals).
Is it time we follow a model / combination of models / Create a Model for ourselves? 

Have you ever tried doing crunches or weights? If Yes, then you do realize that the measurement of your workouts being effective is that you abs get sore and your muscles begin to pain. With that pain will you start seeing results. 

This is the same way one starts to build life. There are quite a few times we are thrown into unknown territories and we start thinking What am I doing? Am I living the life I want? Am I doing what I really want in life? 

These questions become more prominent when you hit roadblocks. As Steve Jobs says “Look into the mirror and ask yourself, if this is the last day of your life, are you happy doing what you are doing? If the answer is No for three consequitive days, then you need to change something”. 

Don’t loose the motivation when things are not going according to your plan. Keep pushing and keep working out. Change the strategy, work and re-work on your plan of action and push yourself. Identify what motivates you and keep bringing those points which motivate you to accomplish what you wish to accomplish. 

Remember, Success always follows failure. 

Since the time I remember, I have always been thinking as to where ideas come from and what does it take for an idea to take off? 

All the successful entrepreneurs share their journey and we get inspired. We want to do something different, but we don’t know where to begin. 

I constantly have ideas which fly by me and then gets lost in time. 

Have a small pocket dairy / use your phone to jot down your idea and you can revist it later. 

What if you are driving or not in a mood to type or write anything – Use the voice recording app on your phone and record you idea. 

Evaluate it later and take it forward. 

Simple. But Complex. 

There is one thig stronger than all armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has ome – Victor Hugo

I did my first 10K this year (#TCSW10K), just because I wanted to push myself and participate in life and then there is no looking back. I wanted to run more. People around me asked why I was running and what makes me do it? My dad asked me if i was running for improving my health, my coach asked me. Why?
I started thinking. I was running earlier too, but just because I enjoyed the run. I could not correlate my running to anything specific, but just the fact that I really enjoy the time I run and the rest of the day is very healthy and positive.
I have been constantly in search for doing something different in life. Since my childhood, I wanted to “achieve” life. I don’t know How, Why, What and When? I started reading biographies and self-help books over the years, learnt how people became what they are and why they did what they wanted to do. But, the lessons learnt through the books have not given me the absolute insight. The only point I took away from reading was what they achieved. Even though i understood a little about why they did, I quite did not take away how they did it.
What I could underline in all my learnings is that to create a dent in this universe, one needs to have Persistence, Consistency and Commitment. Success is a by-product of these attributes in a person.
What I missed realizing is that while trying to understand how to “achieve” life, I was focusing on reaching milestones and I missed looking at the path I was taking. What I need to really focus on is “experiencing” the journey. What I mean by “experiencing” is that the journey of life is not about reaching milestone, but achieving what you wish to accomplish in a Consistent manner with Commitment and Persistence. It is a very fine line difference. Both are the same and end of the day you reach your milestone, however the journey makes the difference.
Let me illustrate with an example. As a student, we were always focused on getting first rank/high marks/grades to ensure better career prospects. When one is focusing on getting marks/grades, he/she misses the actual “learning”. This is exactly what I was doing. Learning is more important that mere getting marks. Because getting great grades don’t really teach you how to live life, but learnings do guide you to live life.
What I missed is the thin line difference of these attributes. This is the realization I have had during my run and this has changed my life. Simple. Isn’t it?
“When the student is ready, the master appears”.
I am from today, going to ‘experience’ life along with focusing on what I want to do and do it with Passion, Persistence and Commitment, because, only the crazy one’s who wish to change the world are actually the one’s who change it.
Here’s to a new beginning of life….


Anandayana 2015Anandayana 2015Anandayana 2015




Pic Courtesy – The Talented Photographer’s from Anandayana


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Well, that’s a very big word to use, but that is how I feel today about myself.

I slept last night a little anxious about how will I be dealing with today. When I entered the stadium it was electrifying and very energizing. I was only telling myself that this is not a competition and only to enjoy the run as long as I could run. I was clear that I am going to push myself but not as much that I am going to hurt myself. The flag off was at 6:00 AM and it was on time. I was very high on energy seeing the crowd. Started at my regular pace and within few minutes was out of the stadium beginning my first ever official 10K. Usually I take a break after about 10 minutes of run and walk for few seconds before I start running again. But today, I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to keep running at my regular pace and see how far/long I can go. Well, I surprised myself. I didn’t not take a break to walk for the first 5K. Then took a small walk break and again back to my pace. I carried lemon and honey water to keep me going. At one place I grabbed few orange slices and a gulp of water. Kept to my pace, kept my cool and just kept going. I completed the 10K in 1:16:23 and when I walked though the finish line, I felt reincarnated. Yes. It is a new beginning of myself and I look forward to reinvent myself.

The #TCSW10K is a wonderfully organized event and a big hi-five to the organizers and volunteers

Finishing the #TCSW10K

Finishing the #TCSW10K

#TCSW10K Medal

#TCSW10K Medal








Welcome to a new beginning.  Look forward for my next 10K on 7 June for Anandayana.

Well, after about 8 weeks, now I am ready for my first 10 K tomorrow. Nervous and excited. Even though I prepared well, there was a major event in my life about two weeks ago, and this kept me away from running for about 4 weeks in total. Came back and pushed myself to run over the last two weeks and now ready for tomorrow. I feel I am ready, but feeling a little excited. Smoking has definitely come down considerably, but taking time to kick the butt completely.
Today, I rested at home, did some cleaning of the house and relaxed. It has been raining since afternoon and I am thinking it would be good weather in the morning when the run begins. The roads will be in a bad shape. I am just hoping that there are no slush’s on the road, this would get the shoes heavy and that would impact the run.
As I mentioned in my earlier blog Beginning to be a Runner, I started to run :) I signed up for a beginners 10K running plan from Runners World.
Break up of the Training Plan
The 6 week beginners 10K Plan starts to push you from Day 1. I started with 6.49 KM on day one and ended with 8.21 KM by the End of the week.
The second week started with 4.2 KM and ended with 9.44 KM. Honestly, from second week, it gets a little pushy. You run 5 days a week. For beginners, this might be a little too much, but trust me, you will feel accomplished end of each week. You will not regret the miles you will be logging.
Here is a snapshot of how I did in the first two weeks. My Average speed has been dropping down, but Average pace is bettering up as you can see below.

2 Weeks Running Summary


I started using myFitnessPal to track my food intake and below is a snapshot of how my food intake (calorie intake specifically) has been over the last two weeks. Three days in two weeks, took a break with beer, remaining days have stuck to what my plan.
To add to my luck, my organization started to serve Healthy menu for lunch for the last two weeks and have been sticking to that menu all five days a week, except one day when I had to step out for lunch.
However, being a Vegetarian, it has been a little difficult for me to maintain my food intake. I could pick up Fruits only for few days and then I could not, but was sticking to dry fruits (Walnut and Figs) regularly.
I am not happy with my food intake. Have not been eating healthy and the below graph is a visible proof.
Food Intake
Before the run
Eat a fruit before your run, it will help you build energy. I do early morning runs, considering it is getting warmer here in Bangalore and also there are no decent places where i can run during the day or evening near to where I live. So, before I head out by around 5:20 AM, I eat a fruit and that really pushes me to run more.
Ensure that you warm up and stretch out before the run. Just getting out on the road and running will not help, your muscles get sore and you give up in just few days. Warming up and closing your run with a Cool down process are very important aspects your your run.
Post Run
Relax. Sit down and calm your body and mind. Once you get your breath, complete your run with stretches. This is very important.
Have a Protein shake (2 Scoops) which would help you add some protein to your body and also help you to come out of your tiredness quickly.
Ensure you are wearing a good pair of running shoes. Regular sneakers and canvas shoes don’t help. If you are serious of running, then you need to find the right shoes which support your feet and body. There are quite a few websites which provide insightful information on choosing running shoes. Here are few sites where you can begin,
I am currently using Brooks Revana 2. I put 270 KM on these and I am looking at picking up a new pair after I complete 400 KM.
I prefer shorts and sweat absorbing tee’s. Anything which is comfortable for you and doesn’t make you stop running is absolutely fine :)
You will need water while you run. Carry a small bottle so that you can sip when your tonnage dries up. Over the day, drink plenty of water, else you will feel dehydrated which will give you headache and other pain’s which will make your stop running.
Choosing your music
You need something to push you. If you are running alone like me, you would definitely need something to push you further. Choose the right kind of music which suits your style. As long as the music pumps up your heart beat, you can listen to any music you like.
I personally like Rock and fusion along with good Telugu music. You can search on the web for what other runners are listening, see if that suits your tastes and you can pick up from there. You might want to begin here.
After I got access to Spotify, I stopped buying music. The $10 monthly fee is worth to listen to which ever music you wish to listen and even save songs to listen when in offline more.
Tracking your runs
Tracking your runs are definitely going to motivate you when ever you look at statistics they provide. I use Endomondo and Nike Running apps to track my runs. I look at them very frequently to motivate myself. If you use either of these apps, do add me to your friend list so that we can motivate each other :)
Find interesting Running books to get even more motivated. They say that it takes 21 days for a new habit to become a part of life. So, the first 21 days of your running schedule is very important.
Here are few books which I suggest, trust me, you would love them.
After I am done with my 10K running program, will start with a Marathon Training plan, but along the way I wish to start following the 60 Week Plan to Be Iron Fit: Time-efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness.
If you are not much into reading, then watch You Tube videos of Ironman events. They will change the way you look at life completely.
Yes. I did not touch on these topics since I did not do much of strength training in the last two weeks. Building stamina, strength and building your core to take you the extra mile are very important part of your running. I personally wanted to push myself for two weeks before I started on my core workouts. Once I start, I will definitely provide an update in my Running Stories

I have been running off and on for a while and over a period of time I decided to take running a little more seriously than I did earlier.

So, yesterday, I decided to get myself ready for the upcoming TCK 10K on 17 May 2015.

My last reading has been You are an Ironman, by Jacques Steinberg. It is a collection of stories of 6 running from around the world who started running for a small change and to get back in shape, and over the course of time, as fate would have it, have been introduced to Ironman and then began training for the mega-event. The stories will definitely pump up your blood.

Since reading the book, I slowly started to bring running into my schedule. Last week, went for a nutritionist appointment and chalked out a nutrition plan. Yesterday, after my morning run for about 3.66 KM, went and signed up for an on-line Training plan for 10K. Training begins from tomorrow (today being the rest day).

BTW, did I mention? I have been a smoker for last 15 Years and now, I decided to kick the butt (I tried few times earlier when i failed and am not willing to give up any soon). In this process, I wish to let the habit go too.

This blog is dedicated to people like me who wish to follow their passion.