Monthly Archives: October 2006

Books for Entrepreneurs

I got this list from and the list looked exhaustive and hence wanted to share this will all who are taking time to visit my blog: Globalization & Economics * The Lexus and the Olive Tree by Thomas L. Friedman* The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman* The Commanding Heights by Daniel Yergin… Read More »

Business Prophet

I was reading a special report on the Business week web site – Business Prophet ( In this report, what I got to understand is that Dr. Prahalad says that the essence of entrepreneurship is in your business model. I strongly agree with him.Rather thank looking at the article as one of his research findings,… Read More »

A Pilgrimage…

Places – Udupi, Dharmastala, Kolluru Total Run – 1,381.7 KM. Oct 20-24, 2006 being holidays, we have decided to go on a small pilgrimage to Udupi, Dharmastala and Kolluru. This is my second long drive in my Scorpio. The first was to Ooty and it was very good. We left on 21st morning and took… Read More »

Loosing my Virginity

An amazing life story of Sir.Richard Branson. It is a must read for every aspiring entrepreneur on this earth, to know how difficult it is to win in life. Sir Branson’s life is a clear example, as to how difficult it is to live life the way you want. But with focus and clarity, you… Read More »

Global Poverty

More than one billion people around the world live on less than one dollar a day. Poverty, however, means more than low income. Poverty results in child mortality, hungry people, and can lead to the oppression of women: The poorest countries have infant mortality rates above 20%. Two million children die each year of dehydration… Read More »

A genuine beginning…?

Part 1 Since the time I started my career, I had one point clear in my mind – I want to do something different. What is ‘Different’ and how do I understand that this is different? Day’s passed by and a couple of years back, I have decided that I would want to do something… Read More »

Before I Begin…

As I mentioned above, this blog is dedicated all people around the globe inspired to change the way we live through entrepreneruship (any kind, this is the broadest term I could find). I will post here my ideas and all kinds of information I find and pointers to people and organizations which share the similar… Read More »