Monthly Archives: December 2006

Reality of Life

My latest reading is “End of Poverty” by Jeffery Sachs. This is a very good book giving details on reality bites of Poverty. I am just 25% done with the book, but am getting to understand few grass root concepts of Poverty. Probably, by the end of the book, I can get few ideas on… Read More »

Ashoka – an organization dedicated to encourage and support Social Entrepreneurship around the Globe. Ashoka supports Social Entrepreneurship in three ways – Supporting Social Entrepreneurs, Promoting Group Entrepreneurship and Building infrastructure for the Sector. It is a very interesting site and any one who think on these lines should visit.

BarCamp, BLR 2 – Day 2 Summary

Temperature last night in Bangalore was around 14.6 degrees (as per the newspaper). My home is surrounded by open environment and I was a bit lazy to get up and came to ThoughtWorks (Venue of BarCamp) by 9:30 AM. There was a lot of buzz around and key Campers are already running around for arrangements.… Read More »

BarCamp, BLR 2 – Day 1 Summary

I was trying to go around meet with people and also attend sessions. Here is a summary of the sessions I attended on Day 1 of BarCamp Bangalore 2. Project Management @ ThoughtsWorks – Marco Jansen 4 Principals binding the Agile Development Methodology Principal 1: Individuals and Interaction over processes and tools. Stand up meeting… Read More »

Being 'ActiveMobs' and having 'InactivMoney'

Kesav (one of BarCamp Bangalore2 organizers) introduced me to Sidu, Mostly Harmless (His VCard is reading this). Are you tired of tracking where your money is going or are you tired of organizing an event with family or friends, Sidu has a great solution for us. – ActiveMobs is a solution, where you can… Read More »

BarCamp Bangalore 2 – Started

I am here at the BarCamp Bangalore right now. It is yet to begin and already the room is filled…..I am sort of excited to be here and I am quite sure there is lots in store for today and tomorrow. I really appreciate all the efforts of the Organizers – arrangements are too good.… Read More »