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Tirupati / Kanipakam / Aragonda

Although I have been to Tirupati and Kanipakam quite a few times, Aragonda is my first visit. I wanted to write about this trip as a reference post for people who are wanting to visit these places for the first time. Tirupati is around 260 KM from Bangalore located in Chittor district. You need to… Read More »

PHC's in India

Statistics of PHC’s (Primary Health Center) in India: There is 1 PHC for every 25,000 populationPHC for – Promotive, Preventive, Curative and Rehabilitative CareThis implies offering a wide range of services such as health education, promotion of nutrition, basic sanitation, the provision of mother and child family welfare services, immunization, disease control and appropriate treatment… Read More »

India HealthCare Project

India HealthCare Project, is an initiative of CMC which designs and develops PDA (Personal Data Assistant) systems to ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife) who works at the grass-root level of delivering HealthCare. This project has been piloted and implemented in the Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh. Read more on this project at


Yes, have been late in posting about this event, but even then, I was there at the First OpenCoffeeClub – Bangalore meeting which was organized at Brew HaHa in Koramangala on 19 August 2007. Ramji and Vaibhav came together to organize this event and it was a real grand success. I have few photos on… Read More »

Trip to Ooty

This is my second trip to Ooty. The first time I went was last year, just after I brought my car and also made it in a hurry to check my vehicle out 🙂 This time, wanted to take my parents there to show how an hill station feels. But, due to bad luck, Ooty… Read More »

Independence Day

India, today is celebrating 60 years of independence. Is that old or young? If we look at the average life god has given a human being, then we need to say that the country has just attained Senior Citizenship status. But, as the country is made when mother earth is born, I don’t think we… Read More »

Making of BarCamp

I know its late, but as promised earlier and as one of “proud” participants and also fortunate of being with minds behind the camp, wanted to share my experiences with Making of BarCamp.The first Planning meeting for BCB4 happened on the 3 June 2007 at Cafe Coffee Day on Richmond Road. From then on, every… Read More »

7 Types of Poverty

Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT), runs Innovative Experimental Primary Schools (IEP) in 72 Villages in Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh, India. What is the difference between IEP and regular Government Schools? IEP schools, apart from regular academics, work towards education children in the age group 11-15 on the 7 types of Poverty which are required to uplift… Read More »

Dazasya is Born

I wrote about “Web NGO” earlier. After thinking through various thoughts which came across my mind I identified three areas which need collaborated work – Society, Technology, Entrepreneurship. Read more about Dazasya at its official blog. This blog will continue to focus on Social Entrepreneurship.