Monthly Archives: March 2009

Innovation Series #9: Business Model Testing

Recently, I was in a converstion with Kallol, a good friend and Director of HeadStart Network Foundation and we were discussing various aspects of Entrepreneurship. One interesting aspect of the discussion was about Business Model Testing. I was inquisitive to learn more about this when he mentioned the term. Over the course of the discussion… Read More »

Shaping future of India

Yesterday, I read an article on Rediff, illustrating that Singapore ranks number 1 in Innovation and the US is slowing down on its speed.  If you notice the eco-system trend, US has always been a proactive supporter of Innovation and Entrepreneurial spirit. Singapore has always been one of the best countries in the world which… Read More »

Angel Investors in India

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for some Angel Funding, the below is a list of Angel Investors in India: Indian Angel Network Accel Partners Ojas Ventures SeedFund Axon Ventures Mercatus Capital Epiphany Ventures Garage Again