HealthCare Startups in India

I am trying to compile a list of HealthCare Startup’s in India, mostly Technology startup’s focusing on building products/services for India and Emerging Markets like India. Here is a list which I could put together. Please share with me if I have missed any names:  Isansys Surgerica GetActive Track My Beat mDhil AlcoChange Sugha Vazhvu mTatva Maha Life Sphata Implement…

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Art of Working Smart – My recommended Tools

In his book Free, Chris Anderson begins saying that he is using a web book (costing at least 60% cheaper than a traditional laptop), storing his writings on Google servers (which is free), sitting in a Starbucks using their free wi-fi and not to undermine the air conditioning and luxurious sofa, where his only expense is the coffee. But, the book…

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