Monthly Archives: January 2016

How to Innovate (Cont.)

One of the big factor for Innovation is finding your Inspiration. Inspiration comes from anything & everything around us and it becomes very important to pay attention. Once we have the ability to see what inspires us, solutions come from unexpected corners. The inspiration for Dr. V to create a process oriented eye care centre… Read More »

How to Innovate

Innovation is the buzz word. Every organization and every person on this planet is innovating right now, the very moment. Today morning as I was stationary at a traffic signal, a lady was walking with a comic book with the characters in the book moving. Correct. You read it right. When you open the book,… Read More »

Choosing the right Health Apps

There are more than 165,000 apps to track your health and fitness available. Of these only 36 apps account to more than 50% of downloads according to a study by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics which analyzed 26,000 apps. Interestingly, only 10% can connect to a device or a sensor and only 2% sync with… Read More »

Solving the Healthcare maze

When India got Independence in 1947, average life expectancy was 47 Years and today, average life expectancy is at 66.21 Years (we rank 139). Japan leads the list with average life expectancy at 84 Years followed by Spain, Andorra, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore and San Mario at 83 Years. The country with the least life… Read More »

Landscape of Wellness

Wellness has gained attention in the last few years. With proactive health care management gaining attention, fitness centers, food monitoring apps and health management centre’s have gained a lot of attention. It is estimated that the Wellness industry is a $3 Billion Market in India. What is the landscape of the Wellness? Even though the… Read More »