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Quality Vs Quantity

You decided to take up running. When you start any running plan, the first thing you need to decide on is the Distance you run or the Timing. Any plan starts with the distance and over the period of time, you begin to start looking at the timing.

When you start working, you first begin by learning the work and over the period of time you become expert at what you do.

When I started this year, I have clearly determined that to improve my quality of writing, I need to start writing. When I started writing over ten years ago, I began by writing off and on. I practiced. Over the years, I realised that my Quality did not get to the level I anticipated. So, this year I thought I should write more frequently and focus and practice writing. I am still not where I want to be, but still I keep pushing myself. I am sure over the period of time, I will get the quality I am satisfied with.

When you begin any thing in life, focus on the practice, and over the period of time, you will meet the quality standards.

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