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Consumer Education

When you identify a problem and wish to solve it, the most important aspect is consumer education. Bringing out a product or designing a solution and leaving it for people to use does not work. As an entrepreneur, you should demonstrate the functioning of your product/service which falls under Consumer Education. There are few path-breaking products which came out in…

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What is the cost of Failure?

Seth Godin once said, the cost of failure is dwarfed by the huge cost of not trying. This is absolutely very true. Most of the times we do not even take the next step because we are afraid as to what will happen next. We are in our comfort zone and we wish to be there. At work or even…

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A very good friend of mine and I once walked into Audi showroom in Bangalore. We just wanted to inquire about their Q3 offering. We initially planned that we would go there, inquire and be back in 30 minutes. After we entered, we were greeted by a receptionist and she then put us to the Executive who was in-charge for…

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Disruptive Innovation

There is a little bit of Innovation in our lives each day. We consciously strive to do something new in whatever we do. Disruptive Innovation is something we do unknowingly or many a times, we re-invent the innovation to make it easier considering the circumstances. For instance, Telephone is an innovation and Mobile phone is disruptive innovation. Car is an…

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The art of building relationships

Let us accept it, in this world everything depends on how you build your relationships. Be it with your parents, friends, spouse, children, boss, co-workers, subordinates and your buddies, every relationship needs to be nurtured and built upon. What happens most of the times is that our expectations in each of the relationships decides how much we get out of…

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