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Key ingredient for building a successful startup

So, you have an idea and you believe this idea can change the world. You started your research and finalized on all aspects of the market viability. Congratulations.

Apart from believing in your idea and taking it to execution, there are quite a few ingredients which help with the success of your startup. The first one is Domain.

You might not know everything in running your startup and there are a lot of things which you would learn on the way. But, one thing you need to be very confident is the Domain in which your startup is going to function. Pick an idea in the domain you are comfortable and confident with. As a founder of a startup, you will need to understand all the dynamics involved in the details of your startup.

I specialize in technology and have been working in the Healthcare domain for over 12 years now. If I wish to startup, I would prefer to startup in the Healthcare domain rather than in Finance which I do not have a complete understanding.

Picking the right Domain is very important because this is where your idea is going to solve the problem and if you have a very good understanding of the domain, then the chances of success is very high.

So, which Domain are you starting up?

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