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Focus on the Design – Startup Lessons

When we have an idea, the next step for us to get it to the market at the earliest. Which is good, but not necessarily the wisest thing to do.

The key parameter in bringing any service/product to market is its present-ability, in other words Design.

Steve Jobs paid such attention to detail that even the smallest alphabet on the product is tested for appropriate printing. In a Mac, if you open up the system, you will find the list of names of all people who worked on developing the product behind the screen cover. No one opens and see’s what is inside, but that is the dedication they give for Design.

Design of the product/service should reflect the culture, vision and mission of the company. So, when you set out to bring out a new product, elucidate your core values, vision and mission statement and then begin the ideation for the design. Because, what people see is what they relate to about your company.

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