Where is our Creativity?

Creativity is almost lost from our lives. We live in an era where everything is turning mechanical. Right from the alarm in the morning to tracking your sleep, everything is automated. Earlier, we need to set the alarm on the clock each night before we sleep (because we would have switched it off in the morning), but today, your phone can set the alarm for each day of the week at the same time or different times.
When you get up in the morning, some days you feel tired (because you might not have got a complete 8-hour sleep or you were disturbed. But, today, your phone will tell you what quality of sleep you had and how long have you slept and how many times you woke up.
What this is doing to us is killing our ability to think. Every aspect of life is taken care and in the coming decades we will also stop driving and let the automatic cars do the job.
Creativity is not a switch which you can switch on/off when you need. It is the ability to see, feel and communicate with the world around you. The next time you are doing something brings on the creativity by being present in the situation. Think differently about the same problem which you solved yesterday. Change the way you communicate and see which is the best way of communication you can build on.
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