How wearable’s are improving your health
How wearable’s are improving your health

How wearable’s are improving your health

Wearables have been fast gaining importance. Fitness trackers and Smart watches play the most pivotal role.
With more and more people beginning to use them, there is a lot of data with the manufacturers which can be used for varied research activities. In fact, using an fitness tracker helps one to monitor his/her fitness levels and motivate them. For instance, I keep tracking my steps per day and give my best to ensure I reach my goal each night before I sleep. It has become more of psychological to feel the vibration on my device when I reach my goal.
What should happen next is that this data should be made available for the end user to share with his Physician so that he can be advised on how he should be working to keep his health and maintain fitness levels.
With the Internet of Things slowly gaining important and many devices being connected and all the data collected being consolidated, research is improving to provide information on how one can improve/maintain his/her health.
I am optimistic that this is the new norm of manning health and beginning of building a healthy lifestyle yourself.

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