Entrepreneurs are Risk Lovers

Yes. This is what is the norm. If you are doing anything outside your comfort zone, then you are a risk lover. Leaving a well paying job and starting out to change the world in your way is definitely a risk not everyone is willing to take or interested in taking, but when you do, you will hear a lot…

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Is your startup ready for tomorrow?

You have started up. You are excited and you want to look at all possible situations and scenarios where you can build your startup and make it big. Who does not want it? The aspect of running a company is not just providing a solution/service, but having an immaculate plan of alternative Business Models. What do I mean by this?…

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Adoption Rate

Aviation and Health Care. Let us take two industries to compare a simple aspect – Adoption Rate. Both industries are part of each and everyone’s lives. There are people who might fly or have never flown, but there is no person who has never visited a Doctor / Hospital. In case of emergency, in aviation, the Pilot who is responsible for…

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What has changed in Indian Healthcare landscape?

According to the World Economic Form and Harvard Public School, the probability of during the most productive years – 30 Years to 70 Years is predominantly because of non-communicable diseases like Heart stroke, heart diseases, pulmonary diseases, and diabetes. This is accounting to 26% of death’s in India in this age group. India struggled to bring down the Infant Mortality…

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What can Big Data do for Healthcare?

The population is increasing everywhere and this is driving every country in the world to focus on providing better Healthcare to its citizens and also Healthcare has become one of the top discussed agenda items in any International forum. Innovations in Healthcare are gaining much attention and Healthcare startup’s are on the rise in every part of the word. Big…

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Where is our Creativity?

Creativity is almost lost from our lives. We live in an era where everything is turning mechanical. Right from the alarm in the morning to tracking your sleep, everything is automated. Earlier, we need to set the alarm on the clock each night before we sleep (because we would have switched it off in the morning), but today, your phone…

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In the army, the Commander of the force should and must understand his position in relation to the enemy. Else, he will not be able to make the most efficient use of his army and his efforts will go in vein. In the similar way, when you are out to sell your idea, you should be equipped to understand where…

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The Perception Problem

Let us accept that we do not have answers to all the questions. But, we do not want to accept the reality. It is generally more difficult to not know answers to questions. We try and avoid to say ‘I don’t know’. What happens when you are thinking of bigger problems like the Economy in the country, or the Healthcare…

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Articulating the why

You can be successful today only if you know what you’re doing and why   The most important part of being successful is understanding why you are able to be successful. Success comes with lot of factors – Luck, Connections, Knowledge and being at the right place and at the right time. Apart from all these factors, there is one…

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