Pangea Cinema Day

Last night was a memorable evening. I received an email two weeks back informing of the Pangea Day. I had no idea of this event. The venue was ThoughtWorks. Before I registered, I have to admit that I did not do my homework of searching on google 🙁 The only thing I knew about this event is that there are…

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BarCamp Bangalore 6

BarCamp Bangalore or BCB6 started off with a bang on 19 April morning at IIM Bangalore. This time around, we (planners) were very clear since the beginning that this time it is going to be a classic BarCamp. If you have attended BCB 1 / BCB 2, then you can definitely understand what I am meaning here. Over the last…

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Startup Saturday 1/2/3 – 2008

After a long time, I am back in action with my blogging. However, I am back with some real good information which could definitely help you if you are looking at understanding and being part of Entrepreneurship eco-system in India, especially , in Bangalore. As you are already aware of KickStart, our initiative to support Entrepreneurship and its activities, I…

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Innovation Series #3 : Choosing a Mentor

‘Mentorship’ is one of the key contributors to your persona/professional growth. No matter how educated you are or how many ventures you have started or been part of, Mentorship is very important to realize your dreams. Most successful business people definitely have mentors who must have helped them in one way or the other. This short write-up on mentor ship…

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DevCamp Bangalore

BarCamp has opened doors for un-conferences around the world (FooCamp started the movement though). In Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of the East, BarCamp has had a profound effect on how conferences are being organized. DevCamp – A Developer unConference is born to be an annual meet for all the Developers. Today, I am here at DevCamp. The wiki had more…

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Innovation Series #2

Well Well, the week has been pretty hectic for me. In this issue I have few interesting links to share with you and before that, let me share you interesting information on 1.6 Lakh ($3500) Tractor which is making rounds in news. Bhanjibhai Mathukiya, a small time innovator from Junagadh, has created a mini tractor of 10 HP (Horse Power),…

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Pocket Tripod for you Digital Camera

If you are into Photography, there is one thing which always bothers you – shaky photographs. This is more common in Digital Photos. You use a tripod to solve this and most of the times have felt the pain to carry your tripod in your backpack. However, here is an innovative solution for creating your own simple and yet effective…

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Power of Idea

This is one of the most sort of terminologies we hear. All of us have ideas – ideas in our daily life, work, home etc. Then what is “Power of an Idea?” When you read an interview of any successful businessman or when you talk to people who run companies (entrepreneurs), one thing which you commonly hear is the power…

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