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Building Communities

When ever I go for a sales pitch, I get this question – How can your platform help build our community?  The 3 conferences I attended over the last one year, this was one of the most common question. There have been sessions and tracks on building communities and I tried to attend to understand the perspective.  Technically, Culture is how people in…

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Automating Coworking
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Automating #Coworking

Any business, be it a cycle repair shop or a departmental store these days uses a technology device to provide consumer satisfaction and also put in order their business workflow.  Recently, I have been to a cycle shop for a small job. After he finished, I realised I did not carry my wallet for some reason. I apologised to him…

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Technology in #Coworking

In 2016, I quit my full time corporate job to start working on my own. I had an idea of building a consulting firm (even though my heart was in Products). After few months of working from coffee shops, I stumbled upon a #coworking space which opened near my home and I subscribed for a Hot desk just to see…

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Changing the way we Co-work

On 4th Jan 2018, we went live with our product aCubeNow™. It is the first of its kind platform for Co-working spaces to Manage Infrastructure, Assets, Event Management, Issue Management and Communicate with their members. But first, let me take you thru how this journey began. In 2015, when I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I was working out…

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