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the discipline of freedom

We all want freedom. Freedom from rules and regulations, freedom from family, freedom from teachers, freedom from friends, freedom from everything. But what is freedom? Is it only attributed to what and how we want? Freedom is an attribute of mind. The mind needs to have its control over all what is happening around us and that is what the…

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Is Apple losing it’s IQ?

Yesterday’s Apple event was not much awaited (let us be honest about it, at least I was not) and what apple fans are looking for is the 10th anniversary of iPhone next year. However, as with each year, we did look forward to seeing if there are any pathbreaking innovations coming out this year. The two major features which were…

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3 Questions

Before you start working on your idea either as an Entrepreneur or as an Employee, there are 3 important questions you want to ask yourself: Where do I want to be? How to get there? Can I get there? Very simple, but yet powerful. Where do I want to be?  During the last week of December 2015, I was restless.…

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Articulating the why

You can be successful today only if you know what you’re doing and why   The most important part of being successful is understanding why you are able to be successful. Success comes with lot of factors – Luck, Connections, Knowledge and being at the right place and at the right time. Apart from all these factors, there is one…

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Blackbox Thinking

Every flight is equipped with a Blackbox, which records all the conversations in the Cockpit and each and every instruction given to the plane. There is no debate on how this is helpful to track how the plane has been operational. Our brain is our blackbox and it records each and every instance of our life, making us what we…

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Experience – Future of Healthcare

There are more than 50,000 apps which track your health on a mobile phone today. There are numerous wearables which track various vital statistics of the human body. There are good number of companies which are helping address various aliments through technology. There are pure Healthcare technology companies which are removing paper from Hospitals by building software to improve efficiencies.…

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Checklist thinking

Thinking is an art. Winston Churchill once said “Most people think once a year, I practiced to think twice a week and that is why I am here”. So, what is so different and difficult in thinking? Thinking is simple, but yet very complicated. If we just read what Churchill said, we can understand that there is something more to…

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