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Personalized Medicine – The future of Healthcare

This is one common question which comes frequently in my conversations. What is the one big thing which will change the landscape of Healthcare in the next decade or so. With my experience, I personally feel it is going to be Personalized Medicine. Recently, I met a founder who is working on this idea at… Read More »

How to Innovate (Cont.)

One of the big factor for Innovation is finding your Inspiration. Inspiration comes from anything & everything around us and it becomes very important to pay attention. Once we have the ability to see what inspires us, solutions come from unexpected corners. The inspiration for Dr. V to create a process oriented eye care centre… Read More »

How to Innovate

Innovation is the buzz word. Every organization and every person on this planet is innovating right now, the very moment. Today morning as I was stationary at a traffic signal, a lady was walking with a comic book with the characters in the book moving. Correct. You read it right. When you open the book,… Read More »