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Demand Aggregation

What is the Business Model of eBay? It is a site where sellers quote their price and buyers come to buy what is being offered. In the process, the seller and the buyer both benefit and also the ratings given by both seller and buyer play an active role in determining the price point. This is called Demand Aggregation. In…

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Landscape of Wellness

Wellness has gained attention in the last few years. With proactive health care management gaining attention, fitness centers, food monitoring apps and health management centre’s have gained a lot of attention. It is estimated that the Wellness industry is a $3 Billion Market in India. What is the landscape of the Wellness? Even though the definition is broad, primarily the…

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Invention Vs Innovation

Invention can happen with a single person, but it takes a long time and lot of efforts for that to become an Innovation. Charles Babbage was the first person who invented the programmable computer in the earlier 19th Century. The following years and decades transformed the whole meaning and design of the Computer. What we are dealing with today is…

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Ask is the one important factor and the first step towards success. What would have happened if Newton never asked himself “Why did the apple fall down?” What would have happened if Henry Ford asked his potential customers “What do you want?” What would have happened if Richard Branson never asked himself why should he get into airline business? What would…

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Where do Ideas come from?

Most of the complex problems in the world are already solved in the past; Problems which are not on priority are being solved now and the boring problems have been left for this generation to solve. From Computing to Search to Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter, all these are not new innovations/inventions, but problems which were solved previously and are…

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Innovation Perspectives

On the 9th and 10th September, PMI Bangalore Chapter organized their Annual PMPC (Project Management Professionals Conference) at NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore. I got an opportunity to be invited to the conference at the last minute. Could not attend on both days but squeezed in as much as possible to be there on Day 1. The key theme around the…

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Letter to Steve Jobs

Hello Mr. Jobs, This is my first letter to you. I am a true devotee of Apple like many others in this world. I hail from India and wanted to take this opportunity to write to you and share few of my thoughts on your strategy of Apply products for countries like India. I do understand that since the beginning,…

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