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Being ruthless

If you have watched The House of Cards, you are not new the word ruthless. Being a true leader needs you to be ruthless, ruthlessness to the core in focusing what you want to achieve. Frank Underwood might be a wrong illustration for depicting this quality in a leader, but surely there are few things we can learn from him…

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Embracing emotions

Quite often when we speak with our family, friends and colleagues, we hear “Don’t get so emotional” or “Don’t be emotional”. What is being emotional? If you search for emotional on google, this is the first result you will get. adjective adjective: emotional 1. relating to a person’s emotions. “gaining emotional support from relatives” synonyms: spiritual, inner, psychic, psychological, of…

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Are you doing well?

Few months ago, a company in US raised their minimum wage to $70,000. Everyone is happy, but two of them quit. What happened? They quit because others not so deserving colleagues have got a rise. For them, what was important is that they both should be treated differently than others for the contribution they bring to the team/company. But, the…

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Are you a true Interpreter?

Interpretation is a crucial aspect. Understanding the situation is more important and the Interpretation coming from that understanding determines the success or failure of the conversation. Recently, I attended a talk. During the talk, the speaker was speaking on the benefits of Asking and how many times do you ask. She provided many examples and asked the audience for their…

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What is your intention? All of us make New Year resolutions, but over the period of time, they fade away and we loose the energy to accomplish them. I found a way to work around that. First, Identify the intention of the Goal. For example, you wish to accomplish something noteworthy which can add to your accomplishments in life. Identify…

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How to become a Visionary?

 Visionaries are people who thin they want to change the world in what ever way they can. By creating their own company, by writing, by traveling, by reading, by sharing their ideas or by creating value in their own lives. When you embark on a journey with the intention of creating value to yourself, it starts with humiliation, rejection and…

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5 Steps to create your Niche.

Creating a niche to bring out the best in yourself always is not an easy one. In today’s world, identifying skill set, nurturing the right attributes with apt understanding of domain are the key qualities to establish oneself.   The 10 Year Rule To be a perfectionist in a particular field, one needs 10,000 hours of practice. Let us break this into a practical way to implement.   Years 1-2 of your career goes into understanding the “working world” after spending 21 years in school/college.   Years 2-4 go into understand what the work is.   Years 4-6 go into mastering what you are doing.   At this juncture, you need to understand what you wish to do – If you wish to add professional qualifications to strengthen subject knowledge or find work which will help you broaden understanding of the subject.   Years 6-8 go into building on the learnings.   The last two years in the decade goes into establishing yourself as the Subject Matter Expert.   These 10 years will help you complete 10,000 hours of practice and help you identify, create and nurture your niche.   If you aspire to make a meaningful impact in what you do, identifying you niche is the first step.

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7 Leadership Lessons from World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2010 has just concluded and if you have been following the games, I am sure you have learned a lesson or two. My favorite team has been Spain since the beginning seeing their performance in the last 2-3 years. Most of my friends laughed at me and just wrote me down. Spain lost their first match and…

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