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The art of building relationships

Let us accept it, in this world everything depends on how you build your relationships. Be it with your parents, friends, spouse, children, boss, co-workers, subordinates and your buddies, every relationship needs to be nurtured and built upon. What happens most of the times is that our expectations in each of the relationships decides how much we get out of…

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Why, What, How of Predictive Analysis in India 

Enough is said about the Healthcare infrastructure in India. All what we have is problems. Doctor to Patient ratio is very less, Population to Hospital beds is less, Manpower is less. Everything is on a downward trend. Healthcare startups are focusing on bridging various aspects in Healthcare – Delivering medicines, connecting Doctors, Virtual consultation, Telemedicine etc. However, there is one…

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If you are entrepreneur or work for a company, the most important aspect of your efforts are showing the value of what is being delivered. Earlier I was in a conversation with one of my mentors and during the course of our conversation he stressed upon two things we need to do as individuals – Present the story well and…

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Utilizing Aadhar for Healthcare Delivery

India launched the prestigious Unique Identification Project (Aadhar) on the 28th of January 2009. After 7 years, around 95,00,00,000 have Aadhar Card. Even though having Aadhar is not mandatory, Government has been increasingly launching initiatives which are linked to the Aadhar Card and hence the number of signup’s have been increasing. How can we use Aadhar Card to improve Healthcare?…

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What book changed your life?

Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid I read this book way back in early 2005 and it did quite change my thought process. Even though this book focus’s on helping Organizations understand how Innovative Products work in the Emerging markets, there is a key takeaway for Social conscious people like me. The book embarks on a journey, in which…

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