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Trends for 2014

As 2014 Dawn’s, it is quite natural for us to ponder on what are the trends coming up. Here are the Top 5 trends in Technology which I accrued. 5. Mobile Mobile is one device which is more personal than anything for each one of us. It would be interesting to watch out for the emerging trends in the space,…

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Letter to Steve Jobs

Hello Mr. Jobs, This is my first letter to you. I am a true devotee of Apple like many others in this world. I hail from India and wanted to take this opportunity to write to you and share few of my thoughts on your strategy of Apply products for countries like India. I do understand that since the beginning,…

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A Change for Tomorrow

I have been reading The Beautiful Tree by James Tooley recently and was amazed with the amount of research which went in to write the book. This book speaks on James Tooley’s experiences in the developing countries as to how they are over-looking the Public education system and turning towards Private education to provide a better future for the young…

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Finishing 2009

The Year 2009 passed by very swiftly. There have been many learning’s for me both Personally and Professionally. If you have been following my Twitter, you must have noticed by now that I changed my style of tweets concentrating more on Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Also, I started working on Dazasya more seriously and will have the new site…

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Shaping future of India

Yesterday, I read an article on Rediff, illustrating that Singapore ranks number 1 in Innovation and the US is slowing down on its speed.  If you notice the eco-system trend, US has always been a proactive supporter of Innovation and Entrepreneurial spirit. Singapore has always been one of the best countries in the world which provides world-class education and ecosystem…

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HeadStart – Compute 2009

HeadStart has been our annual event for showcasing Startup Talents in the country. We started organizing the annual event since 2008, along with ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Bangalore Chapter. Why HeadStart and ACM? HeadStart is a community of Entrepreneurs, Investors, Industry Professionals and Evangelists. We came together to contribute back to the community which has brought us to this…

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