IoT and Healthcare

Internet of Things will take some more time in playing a crucial role in our lives through Healthcare. I personally see two aspects which are important – Hesitation and Consistency. Hesitation is in regard to using mobile devices to track Healthcare. Even though there are quite a few apps we use today, depending on them to… Read More »


Ever wondered how entrepreneurs think? What goes in their mind and how do they predict the future of their idea and themselves? Even I did. Dr. Saras Saraswati, a Cognitive Scientist worked on this problem and the result is Effectuation. Instead of me explaining, you should visit the site.

3 Questions

Before you start working on your idea either as an Entrepreneur or as an Employee, there are 3 important questions you want to ask yourself: Where do I want to be? How to get there? Can I get there? Very simple, but yet powerful. Where do I want to be?  During the last week of… Read More »

Future of Consumer Priorities

Consumers are now more demanding then few years ago. Thanks to the competition. There are newer and innovative products coming out more frequently and also the iterations to market are coming down. According to, the five key attributes for any successful startup are Affordability, Simplicity, Sustainability and Design. Any product/service wins market share which balances… Read More »

Managing Adversity

It was found out that the number of startup’s during the Economic downtime in 2009 was much higher than during the Internet and Dot Com boom in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. This means that people are thinking different and having an appetite to do something different during difficult and testing times than when… Read More »

Is your startup ready for tomorrow?

You have started up. You are excited and you want to look at all possible situations and scenarios where you can build your startup and make it big. Who does not want it? The aspect of running a company is not just providing a solution/service, but having an immaculate plan of alternative Business Models. What… Read More »

Adoption Rate

Aviation and Health Care. Let us take two industries to compare a simple aspect – Adoption Rate. Both industries are part of each and everyone’s lives. There are people who might fly or have never flown, but there is no person who has never visited a Doctor / Hospital. In case of emergency, in aviation, the… Read More »