Where is our Creativity?

Creativity is almost lost from our lives. We live in an era where everything is turning mechanical. Right from the alarm in the morning to tracking your sleep, everything is automated. Earlier, we need to set the alarm on the clock each night before we sleep (because we would have switched it off in the morning), but today, your phone…

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Innovation Series #2

Well Well, the week has been pretty hectic for me. In this issue I have few interesting links to share with you and before that, let me share you interesting information on 1.6 Lakh ($3500) Tractor which is making rounds in news. Bhanjibhai Mathukiya, a small time innovator from Junagadh, has created a mini tractor of 10 HP (Horse Power),…

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Power of Idea

This is one of the most sort of terminologies we hear. All of us have ideas – ideas in our daily life, work, home etc. Then what is “Power of an Idea?” When you read an interview of any successful businessman or when you talk to people who run companies (entrepreneurs), one thing which you commonly hear is the power…

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Destructive Innovation

We have been hearing about innovation and creation for a long time now (ever since there has been human presence on this mother earth). There are many books available for reading and there are many eminent personalities to explain the same too. However, for a common human being, this term is still on the higher end. End of the day,…

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Being more Creative

Just got these points in an email chain and I found them very interesting read. Hope you enjoy too ­čÖé 1. Ignore everybody. 2. The idea doesn’t have to be big. It just has to change the world. 3. Put the hours in. 4. If your biz plan depends on you suddenly being “discovered” by some big shot, your plan…

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