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Future of Consumer Priorities

Consumers are now more demanding then few years ago. Thanks to the competition. There are newer and innovative products coming out more frequently and also the iterations to market are coming down. According to TrendWatching.com, the five key attributes for any successful startup are Affordability, Simplicity, Sustainability and Design. Any product/service wins market share which balances… Read More »

Managing Adversity

It was found out that the number of startup’s during the Economic downtime in 2009 was much higher than during the Internet and Dot Com boom in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. This means that people are thinking different and having an appetite to do something different during difficult and testing times than when… Read More »

The last mile

Knowledge does not progress merely by gathering data, but by looking for contradictory data.    Many a times we like to make decisions based on available data. You want to buy a car and you start looking out based on your budget and interest. In the process we ask our friends as to what their… Read More »

Wearable Technology – Future of Healthcare

Wearable Technology has been in existence for over last 5 years. However, in India, it is slowly gaining acceptance. People have started using Garmin, Apple Watch, Fitbit and now GoQii (Home grown Indian startup in wearable technology space). Garmin has predominantly been in use with sports persons (Running, Golf and Cycling) and Fitbit has also… Read More »