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Creating an Experience

Creating Experience in Healthcare is focusing on building personal relationships with clients. How do we incorporate the personal connections into technology? When you enter any showroom or inquire for a house or participate in any event, they collect your personal details and then based on the assessment of the sales person, they categorize you for what kind of potential client…

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Experience – Future of Healthcare

There are more than 50,000 apps which track your health on a mobile phone today. There are numerous wearables which track various vital statistics of the human body. There are good number of companies which are helping address various aliments through technology. There are pure Healthcare technology companies which are removing paper from Hospitals by building software to improve efficiencies.…

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Interoperability for Big Data

You can search for the “most frequent flyer” and you sure will get results. How can the data of one person traveling across continents on different airlines be noticed and tracked? There are two major reservation systems in the world for airlines – <Write the names here>. Anyone buying a plane ticket anywhere in the world has to go through…

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Wearable Technology – Future of Healthcare

Wearable Technology has been in existence for over last 5 years. However, in India, it is slowly gaining acceptance. People have started using Garmin, Apple Watch, Fitbit and now GoQii (Home grown Indian startup in wearable technology space). Garmin has predominantly been in use with sports persons (Running, Golf and Cycling) and Fitbit has also come to India few years…

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