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Own the Road

If you are a startup, owning the road is what makes the difference. Creating a niche/competitive product is no longer what makes you differentiated. Everyone has something to offer. What makes the cut is, you creating a platform for yourself and/or your product. In idea evaluation 50% weightage goes towards the differentiator. 5%goes to testing, 20%… Read More »

Where do Ideas come from?

Most of the complex problems in the world are already solved in the past; Problems which are not on priority are being solved now and the boring problems have been left for this generation to solve. From Computing to Search to Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter, all these are not new innovations/inventions, but problems which… Read More »

Where do Ideas come from?

Since the time I remember, I have always been thinking as to where ideas come from and what does it take for an idea to take off?  All the successful entrepreneurs share their journey and we get inspired. We want to do something different, but we don’t know where to begin.  I constantly have ideas… Read More »