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How to Innovate (Cont.)

One of the big factor for Innovation is finding your Inspiration. Inspiration comes from anything & everything around us and it becomes very important to pay attention. Once we have the ability to see what inspires us, solutions come from unexpected corners. The inspiration for Dr. V to create a process oriented eye care centre… Read More »

How to Innovate

Innovation is the buzz word. Every organization and every person on this planet is innovating right now, the very moment. Today morning as I was stationary at a traffic signal, a lady was walking with a comic book with the characters in the book moving. Correct. You read it right. When you open the book,… Read More »

Innovation Series #7: Innovation Gap – Part 2

I wrote about how the “Auto-Rickshaw” saw stagnant innovation in the last two decades of playing active role in commuting across the country. In this post, I will be short and sweet on my observations in mobile space.  I am fortunate to be part of HeadStart, a not-for-profit organization working towards building entrepreneurial eco-system in… Read More »