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Revisiting Expectations

All of us have expectations. Be it at home, work, with friends and family. Everywhere and every time. The most important aspect of expectations is that it becomes the root cause of our disappointments. So, should I not have expectations? You should. We should. All of us should have expectations. But, these expectations should come with the reality. The reality…

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The art of building relationships

Let us accept it, in this world everything depends on how you build your relationships. Be it with your parents, friends, spouse, children, boss, co-workers, subordinates and your buddies, every relationship needs to be nurtured and built upon. What happens most of the times is that our expectations in each of the relationships decides how much we get out of…

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Are you doing well?

Few months ago, a company in US raised their minimum wage to $70,000. Everyone is happy, but two of them quit. What happened? They quit because others not so deserving colleagues have got a rise. For them, what was important is that they both should be treated differently than others for the contribution they bring to the team/company. But, the…

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What is your intention? All of us make New Year resolutions, but over the period of time, they fade away and we loose the energy to accomplish them. I found a way to work around that. First, Identify the intention of the Goal. For example, you wish to accomplish something noteworthy which can add to your accomplishments in life. Identify…

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Workout of Life

Have you ever tried doing crunches or weights? If Yes, then you do realize that the measurement of your workouts being effective is that you abs get sore and your muscles begin to pain. With that pain will you start seeing results.  This is the same way one starts to build life. There are quite a few times we are…

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