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What has changed in Indian Healthcare landscape?

According to the World Economic Form and Harvard Public School, the probability of during the most productive years – 30 Years to 70 Years is predominantly because of non-communicable diseases like Heart stroke, heart diseases, pulmonary diseases, and diabetes. This is accounting to 26% of death’s in India in this age group. India struggled to… Read More »

How can Big Data change Healthcare?

How can Big Data change or transform Healthcare? We capture Insurance information, medical history and wearable devices can track the lifestyle and provide more in-depth information on how the person actually is. Have you noticed how a couple’s who have been together for longer periods communicate? They talk with their eyes many times. Whereas younger… Read More »

Indian HealthCare Education – How is it distributed?

India ranks 112 in the World Health Organisation (WHO) Ranking of The World’s Health Systems. When it comes to per-capita spending on Health Care, India spends a little over 6% of GDP on HealthCare. These are the common statistics which we see every day. What I wish to share are the other aspects of Indian HealthCare… Read More »