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Starting up to Sell (S2S)

In today’s world, starting a company, finding funding and taking products to market is not tough, but the toughest is to sustain the business. The moment your idea is out in the market, there are a hundred others who will bring similar products with different Business Models. As an Innovator and Entrepreneur, your success depends on how well informed you…

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Invention Vs Innovation

Invention can happen with a single person, but it takes a long time and lot of efforts for that to become an Innovation. Charles Babbage was the first person who invented the programmable computer in the earlier 19th Century. The following years and decades transformed the whole meaning and design of the Computer. What we are dealing with today is…

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Life is full of changes and the biggest fear we have is accepting it. We like it or don’t, life will change and it will make us accept it. Change is an every day situation for Entrepreneurs and Professionals. When we resist change, it challenges us and while facing that challenge we tend to make disastrous decisions. What is Change…

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Innovation Series #1

Going forward, I would like to write on my learnings on Innovation, Strategy, interesting information on Entrepreneurship and introduce you to books and sites which can provide you with loads of information regarding these topics. I name this series as “Innovation Series #<No>” and you can filter all posts on this topic using tags – Innovation, Strategy. Let me begin…

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