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Own the Road

If you are a startup, owning the road is what makes the difference. Creating a niche/competitive product is no longer what makes you differentiated. Everyone has something to offer. What makes the cut is, you creating a platform for yourself and/or your product. In idea evaluation 50% weightage goes towards the differentiator. 5%goes to testing, 20%… Read More »

Where is our Creativity?

Creativity is almost lost from our lives. We live in an era where everything is turning mechanical. Right from the alarm in the morning to tracking your sleep, everything is automated. Earlier, we need to set the alarm on the clock each night before we sleep (because we would have switched it off in the… Read More »

Resilience – The way I work with it

I read and heard about resilience quite a few times in my life. Through the journey, whenever something happened and I learned from it and incorporated the learning into my life, I looked back and thought I was getting more resilient. Building resilience needs a lot more strength and mental ability. This is the best… Read More »

How to think? – Challenge assumptions

In the first part of How to think, we started with Questioning. This is the first step towards improving our thinking. What’s next? The next step to sharpen our thinking is to Challenging assumptions. Challenging assumptions is developing our curiosity quotient. How do we practice curiosity? Start by asking Why? to things around. Why are… Read More »

Asking the question right..

All of us ask questions. Is there a right or wrong way to ask? I am sure once in your life you heard – “That’s a very good question”. How do we different the questions? Is there a logic behind asking what we want to ask. The answer is Yes. There are patterns in which… Read More »

How to think?

During my +2 days, my Mathematics teacher used to write a problem on the board and turn to us and ask “How to think?” We used to make fun of the question. Fast forward 20 Years, here I am pondering on the same question. Over the last few years, this question has been coming back… Read More »