Entrepreneurship is Attitude
Entrepreneurship is Attitude

Entrepreneurship is Attitude

So, what does it take to be an Entrepreneur?

Is it so very simple? Ofcourse, Yes. But there are parameters for consideration.

E – Energetic
N – Neutral
T – Tough
R – Romantic
E – Elaborative
P – Passionate
R – Researcher
E – Empowered
N – Novice
E – Enterprising
U – Understanding
R – Rich

Energetic – Need to have energy to face failure.
Neutral – Never get carried away, you need to always be on ground to take off.
Tough – When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
Romatic – Need to Romance with your Passion.
Elaborative – If you cant be straight forward, then the road ahead is bumpy.
Passionate – Eat, Sleep, Drink only your thoughts.
Researcher – Only when you explore, do you succeed.
Empowered – Empower yourself with Passion.
Novice – Because, every day is a new day.
Enterprising – Because, every day you need to be creative.
Understanding – If you cannot understand others, you can never solve their problem.
Rich – Attitude, Passion and Committment to Succeed.


  1. Smita Reddy

    Hi Harinath,
    I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur all my life and all i can say after reading your blogs regarding this is, thank you. These blogs have really turned out to be very helpful and inspriring too. Hopefully I will be able to turn my dreams into reality soon enough.

    Thanks again.

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