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Entrepreneurship is Attitude

So, what does it take to be an Entrepreneur?

Is it so very simple? Ofcourse, Yes. But there are parameters for consideration.

E – Energetic
N – Neutral
T – Tough
R – Romantic
E – Elaborative
P – Passionate
R – Researcher
E – Empowered
N – Novice
E – Enterprising
U – Understanding
R – Rich

Energetic – Need to have energy to face failure.
Neutral – Never get carried away, you need to always be on ground to take off.
Tough – When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
Romatic – Need to Romance with your Passion.
Elaborative – If you cant be straight forward, then the road ahead is bumpy.
Passionate – Eat, Sleep, Drink only your thoughts.
Researcher – Only when you explore, do you succeed.
Empowered – Empower yourself with Passion.
Novice – Because, every day is a new day.
Enterprising – Because, every day you need to be creative.
Understanding – If you cannot understand others, you can never solve their problem.
Rich – Attitude, Passion and Committment to Succeed.

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2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship is Attitude

  1. Hi Harinath,
    I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur all my life and all i can say after reading your blogs regarding this is, thank you. These blogs have really turned out to be very helpful and inspriring too. Hopefully I will be able to turn my dreams into reality soon enough.

    Thanks again.

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