BarCamp, BLR 2 – Day 1 Summary
BarCamp, BLR 2 – Day 1 Summary

BarCamp, BLR 2 – Day 1 Summary

I was trying to go around meet with people and also attend sessions. Here is a summary of the sessions I attended on Day 1 of BarCamp Bangalore 2.

Project Management @ ThoughtsWorks – Marco Jansen

4 Principals binding the Agile Development Methodology

Principal 1: Individuals and Interaction over processes and tools.

Stand up meeting with three questions – What did you do yesterday, what will you do today? And what is stopping your work today.

Principal 2: Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation.

Principal 3: Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

Principal 4: Responding to change over following a plan.

Eye Donation Awareness – Pradeep Sudharshan

Pradeep’s vision is to create awareness about eye donation, its advantages and its NEED. You will get all the required information from his website-

How corporations emerge from Nature – Sudarshan

Sudarshan explains this concept using Game Theory.

There are four aspects to look at – CC (Cooperating & Cooperating), DC (Defecting & Cooperative), DD (Defecting & Defecting), CD (Cooperating & Defecting).

Assigning Points:




DC > CC > DD > CD

5 3 1 0

With the game theory graph, Sudarshan shows that:

“Always Cooperative” is slowly diminishing and heading towards being distinct.

“Random” is also slowing diminishing.

“Defector” is slowly growing.

There are permutations and combinations of population distribution. Sudharhan explains various cases when he distributes population percentage between – Always Cooperative, Tit-for-Tat, Always Defective and Random.

New Player – Pavlov – He is always changing his approach based on the situation. He is like a Tit-for-Tat.

Now, we distribute the complete population between the 5 categories (Always Cooperative, Tit-for-Tat, Always Defective, Random and Pavlov). The graph shows that Tit-for-tat, Always Cooperate and Pavlov survive and others become distinct.

Pointers – Prisoner’s Dilemma, Author’s like Richard Dockins, Steven Wolfram, Roger Penrose, Dainea Dennet.

Mingle Box – Kavitha Iyer

Kavitha says that they have seen a very good growth in the last 3 months of MingleBox’s launch. As per the feedback she received from customers (showed on the slide) she feels the key of their success is – easy Navigation and feeling safer to be on MingleBox rather than on Orkut.

Kavitha feels that the audience they are looking is below 25 and currently they have 75% people less than 25 on their site today. MingleBox is currently a 14 Member Team and they are looking for people sharing the same passion who can help the orgnization grow.

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