Rural BPO
Rural BPO

Rural BPO

I was reading about this organization in the recent issue of Business Today (India’s Most Wired, 22 April, 2007) and have been quite impressed with the young lady’s initiative.

Ms.Saloni malhotra, a 25 year old graduate from Bharateeya Vidyapeeth, Pune is inspired by Dr.Ashok Jhunjhunwala’s speeches. Her mission is to “turn rural internet centers into BPO’s”.

DesiCrew.In, based in Chennai, acts as a mediator between the client and the far end BPO. The internet center in a Rural area acts as a BPO. The work is channalised to the Rural BPO through DesiCrew. The BPO is not more than a 3 computer center with Internet and Network. The employed are people living in the area with minimum education/knowledge in English/language which is required to get the work done (Its not that simple, DesiCrew has a rigourous selection criteria) . Kinds of work includes – Data entry, Digitisation of records for Government, proof reading of books and little of CAD work. These BPO’s have delivered work for around 20 clients till date (this is just few months old organisation). Work pricing ranges from Rs.20,000 (~$480) to Rs.3,00,000 (~$7,186) and this in return earns around Rs.8,000 ($192) to Rs.12,000 ($287) per month which is quite impressive to begin with. Current strength of the organization is around 60 and Ms.Saloni anticipates that this would grow to around 200 people this year.

This is a very small beginning and DesiCrew wants to build the world’s best network of service providers.

Visit the website and it has upto the point information available. The site is very simple, yet elegent. Now, this is what I call SocialEntrepreneurship.

Excellent job…

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