Dastkar Andhra Exibition in Bangalore
Dastkar Andhra Exibition in Bangalore

Dastkar Andhra Exibition in Bangalore

The cotton and handloom industry is considered as a huge potential as ‘cottage industry’ in India. This industry provides self-employment to over 70 lakhs people across the country. Government of India has taken appropriate measures to ensure that this industry is given due importance and this resulted in a massive increase of production of handloom fabrics. In the early 1950’s the produce was around 500 Million Sq. Meters, and during 2000-2001, recorded more than 7600 Million Sq. Meters. This industry contributes to more than 20% of total cloth produced in the country.

This industry has its own set of concerns and the powerloom sector gives a very tough competition. There are non-profit organizations which are working towards providing a helping hand to such small scale home / cottage industries to reach out to the world.

Dastakar Andhra is a not-for-profit organization which works within Andhra Pradesh to promote the interests of the producer communities within the cotton handloom weaving industry.

Dastakar Andha is having an exibition of equisite handloom fabrics, dupattas and sarees including natural dyed fabrics in Bangalore.
Venue: The Lady Jehangir Kothari Memorial Hall, 15 Quees Road, Bangalore – 01.
Dates: 1 June – 4 June 2007.
Time: 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM.

If you are in Bangalore, do take some time to visit…

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