Trip to Chunchi Falls
Trip to Chunchi Falls

Trip to Chunchi Falls

Recently, have been for a one-day trip to Chunchi Falls near Bangalore.

Chunchi falls are best by your own vehicle. The total drive is close to 95 KM from Bangalore. ‘Chunchi Falls’ are located in Kanakapura Taluk on banks of river Arkavati.

How to get there?
Drive out of Bangalore on Kanakapura Road. After Kanakapura, you can proceed for another 10 KM and then you can just ask anyone on the road for Chunchi Falls. I am suggesting that you ask because there is no board which can catch your attention 🙂

You will need to take a deviation from the main road towards Mekedatu and Sangama. This Sangama is place where three rivers join. You will need to take a left deviation 16 KM BEFORE this Sangama which will take you to Chunchi Falls. Please keep asking people on the way, as there are many chances that you miss the small deviations.

We left Bangalore at 9 AM and after loosing out on few turns, reached the falls at around 11:45 AM. It was deserted and no one around as it was a working day. You will find local oldies sitting under the trees where you park your vehicle and they will come forward to take you down to the falls. Even though initally we didn’t want to, we had to as the way is through the rocks and trees and we might miss these pathways.

As monsoon’s are still setting in, there was not much water in the falls. There were small streams of falls. We spent around an hour there and returned back. The weather was too good (cloudy and cool wind blowing) and this was the best thing which happened. I would not call it a disastrous visit, but it would have been worth it if there was water (out timing was not good).

This is a cool drive and roads are not bad either.

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