Yes, have been late in posting about this event, but even then, I was there at the First OpenCoffeeClub – Bangalore meeting which was organized at Brew HaHa in Koramangala on 19 August 2007.

Ramji and Vaibhav came together to organize this event and it was a real grand success. I have few photos on my Flickr account 🙂
Now, coming to the event, I should say that it was fantastic to see more than 50 Entrepreneurship Lovers gathering there. Most of BCB4 Planners were there too 🙂 Unfortunately, I had to leave immediately after the round of introductions. Ramji, Vaibhav and Himanshu given a complete overview of the event, so please read what happened there in their blogs…next time will ensure to be there for the complete discussion.

Here is the list of enthusiasts who dropped in at the venue… Himanshu has a good list and I am just putting the list copied from his blog (I think its legal, because I am giving due credits to him…what say Himanshu?).

Ramji – OOC Planner
Vaibhav – OOC Planner
K. Aditya
Saurabh Singh
Kaushik Gala
Deepak Shenoy, founder of MoneYoga
Pooran Prasad, co-founder of Zealous Solutions
Vaibhav Pandey
Harish Kumar, founder of OneBigWeb
Sandeep C Senan
Kiran Jonnalagadda aka Jace
Manasi Baranwal
Shivakumar Ganesan
Prashant Acharya
Gunasekaran S
Sameerkanth , ConsultantNEN Bangalore
Venkat Ramana
Piyush Gupta, Co-founder of RouteGuru
R. Senthil
Kiran Kadekoppa
Parvez Ahmed
Rohit Bansal
Prateek & Nithya Dayal, Co-founders of Muziboo
Karthik Jain, Co-founder of PicSquare
Satish TJ
Anshul Gupta
Meera K , Community & News media
Rajan, Co-founder of Motvik
PV Sundaram
Vipul Gupta
Bhasker Kode,Co-founder of “The Returnable Project”
Laura Parkin, Executive Director, NEN & Wadhwani Foundation
Yiting Shen
Paveen Kumar
Parineeth Reddy
Siva – now an Entrepreneur
Akshat Choudary, Co-founder ActivMobs
Amit Singh, Co-organizer of BCB4
Ashish Solanki, Co-founder Yulop
Puneeth Prasad

and last but not the least … me too 🙂

As i have not stayed longer after introductions, I am not able to write anything more, but just want to stress on one point – Meeting at events and discussing aspects of varied nature is good, but we should also strive to make our discussions a reality. I sincerely hope this happens.

So long…


  1. Himanshu Sheth

    Hey Hari,
    Ramji’s spelling is not right..It is Ramjee 🙂
    It is good people have noticed the list that I consolidated and it is useful for the other bloggers 🙂

    COPYING?? What is that? I appreciate all the guys from BCB’s , MoMo’s and other unconferences and they(including me) are the ones who are going to change the world…. 🙂

    I never knew “I WOULD GET SO MANY FRIENDS” since now I only have “BLOGGER FRIENDS” 🙂

    See you the next Unconference or at TiE since I finally managed to get into TiE (Cash Crunch) 🙂

    -Himanshu Sheth

  2. Vaibhav

    Hi Hari!!
    Thanks for making it to OCC. Next time, lets talk more about your venture and i would be grateful if we could work on this social cause together.

    Also, if you could change my spelling to Vaibhav 😉


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