Drive to Vizag
Drive to Vizag

Drive to Vizag

I have been to Vizag earlier on my Scorpio. This is the second time, but still wanted to write a few lines of my memoirs of this drive (I am still in Vizag and will go back during the weekend).
I left Bangalore on 14 September morning at around 5:25 AM. It was raining heavily throughout the night and was also raining when I left home. I thought that the rain might stop after I cover some distance, but unfortunately it continued for a long time 🙁

The Drive
Left home at 5:25 AM and as it was raining heavily, I was driving at around 60-70KMPH speed on the outer ring road. I was just hoping to leave the city limits (Haskote) before it is daylight so that I can avoid some traffic. I drove till 6:30 AM, crossing Haskote and was nearing Kolar. There were no signs of the rain stopping. The rain continued until I reached A1, Reliance Counter 20 KM before Chittore. Took around 3 hours to reach instead of my regular 2.5 Hours for a distance of 175 KM at that time of the day. Had breakfast, re-fueled and started driving by around 8:45 AM. Luckily, there was no signs of rain, but the road was damp which clearly indicates that there was rain during the previous night.

Continued my drive with a small break near Naidupeta for Tea. Stopped near Ongol for a quick lunch. Had biscutes and some juice to get my energy going and continue with the drive.

I reached Guntur around 2:30 PM and was on-time to cross Vijayawada at around 3:30 PM. While I was crossing Guntur, there was a heavy downpour and my speed came down with traffic adding to the rain. Took a lot of time and crossed Vijayawada at around 5 PM. There was drizzling throughout from there and by the time I reached Rajamundry, it was 8:30 PM. I then decided to stay back and leave in the morning. Stayed back and started driving at 7 AM next morning and reached Vizag at 9:30 AM 🙂

I have pictures while I drove and also of Vizag at my Flickr account. Have a look….

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