BangaloreIT.In – A new look
BangaloreIT.In – A new look

BangaloreIT.In – A new look

On the 17 October, I, along with Arun, Saurabh, Prasanth along with few others was invited to meet Mr.Vidyashankar, Secretary to Government of Karnataka, India for an introduction and Q&A of the new version of BangaloreIT.In, a mega event showcasing Information Technology, Bio-Technology and Science & Technology event organized by Karnataka Government every year during November.
We were given an appointment time at 7 PM and we were in his chamber by around 7:15 PM. The discussion lasted for almost 2 hours, but I had to leave a bit before. Here are few key highlights of our interaction with him:

IT Infrastructure in Karnataka, an Overview of Present and future….

  • IT in Karnataka contributes to 26% of GDP and nation contributes to 4.7%
  • This will cross 50% by 2010
  • There are 4,90,000 people working in the IT sector
  • Karnataka has more than 225 organizations in the BT sector
  • Karnataka has more than 1,900 organizations in IT sector
  • All Fortune 500 organizations in the world have presence in the state
  • Karnataka will have its First Knowledge City in the country in an area spanning 10,000 acres. There are 5 townships planned around Bangalore
  • When organizations buy land for their offices, they will also need to take land for providing residential accommodation. This will help de-congest the city.
  • The 10,000 acre Knowledge City will have 25,000 Square Foot built up area.
  • The first township is coming up at Bidadi, a suburb in the south of Bangalore.
  • The Bidadi township is to be completed in 3 years and will have 13-14 Software Export Zones.
  • Lowest agricultural land has been acquired for this project.
  • Total investment of Rupees 60,000 Crores.
  • At the present rate of growth, Bidadi Knowledge City will suffice until 2015.
  • There were 32 Bidders for the Project and 1 has been shortlisted.

BangaloreIT.In – Redefining the Technology Event…

BangaloreIT.In is being organized for the last 5 Years in Bangalore during November every year. The first two editions of the event have a great success, and after that, there has been a downturn in organizing the event, with the key objectives not being met…

This year, the Government has realized the importance of showcasing the event in a better fashion and ensured that all steps are taken from the beginning to re-invent the entire show. 
The Department of Science and Technology has announced the dates of the event well before and ensure that it sends out invitations to various organizations and country representatives to help them block their calenders. 
This year, the event is happening between 29 October and 2 November at the Bangalore International Convention Center and all measures are taken to ensure that there are no troubles to reach the venue in any way. Special bus’s have been organized periodically from central locations in the city to ensure convenience. 
PS: As I write this post (it is late though), I am traveling on business and misplaced my notes 🙁 Am trying to recollect as much as i can, but would promise my readers that i would ensure that i come with more information from next time..
Read more in detail on Prasanth, Saurabh or Arun’s Blogs. 

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