BarCamp Bangalore

BarCamp Bangalore 5, Winter Edition

All preparations for BarCampBangalore 5, Winter Edition are going at extreme speed. This time, participation in the organizing committee has been more than three times the previous teams. Its great to have so many people willing to participate and make this event the most happening BarCamp in the world.We had our first planning meeting around 14 October and the main point of our discussion is the way the camp should be structured. Last BarCamp was the Collectives edition and we had more than 600 participants. The main feedback we received was that the collectives were diluted (we had around 25 collectives) and people could not get a chance to attend other collective sessions as they were clashing with time. Jace tried his best to schedule the events, but it was really a tedious task. Anyway, coming to this discussion, the main input was that we should streamline the collectives, have more focused sessions and get in more people to participate rather than just being spectators. This time around, team has been planning to have 2 sessions each during one part of the day on both days, so that the sessions are streamlined. Which means to say, you have 2 session in the morning and 2 sessions post-lunch on the 17th and 18th November 2007.The venue remains same, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.Visit BarCampBangalore home page and mark your calenders for the event.

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