WEF Tech Pioneers 2007
WEF Tech Pioneers 2007

WEF Tech Pioneers 2007

Recently, i was going through the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers 2007 list which has been published. This list is published every year recognizing the most innovative enterprises around the world. The list is very interesting and gives us an overview of the organization selected and the reason as to why the organization is listed.

I am very happy, impressed and also sad to see only 1 organization from India made it to the list – Drishtee. Now, what does Drishtee do and why are they different?
Dristee is a rural network for delivering information services to Villages, using an electronic information kiosk, known as Drishtee Soochnalaya. These kiosks are run by local entrepreneurs who charge residents for access.
Changing lives in rural India is no small Vision and it needs loads of dedication to be able to achieve it. Drishtee is very strong in its Vision and has gone past various milestones in the last Seven Years of inception.
What Does Drishtee do?
The organization has categorized itself into various aspects, but the punch-line is that it is concentrating in providing self-employment to rural entrepreneurs and also providing opportunity for the rural population to have access to the latest information.
Drishtee’s initiation spreads into Education, HealthCare, Employment Generation, Women Empowerment and Micro-Finance.

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