HeadStart & GEW
HeadStart & GEW

HeadStart & GEW

Yesterday, one of our team members sent this link to the group checking if anyone can represent from / can we one of their partners. The Global Entrepreneur Week, which is to be held between 17-23 November 2008, is a global event where thousands of like minded people who are working towards innovation, and inspiring their creativity through imagination will be coming together in London, United Kingdom.

I have been part of KickStart.In (Thanks to Kesava and others who always invited me) and also been part of BarCamp movement in Bangalore since BCB2. Have been trying to create an ecosystem where we can help people with startup’s and bring like minded people together – to not only help build their dreams, but also work towards a common goal helping each other to succeed.

Well, after BarCamp Bangalore, the next and our first major event is the HeadStart 2008, which is being organized along with ACM Conference between the 18-20 January 2008 at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The aim of this event is to bring together Academicians, Students and Investors on a single platform and showcase various innovations. If you are a start-up and looking for an opportunity to show case your product/service, then I would highly recommend you to be there. You can take suggestions/feedback/critics not only from general audience, but also from eminent academicians too. Also, there are investors in the audience, who might be interested to support you 🙂

Leave no stone unturned, you might be the next Apple/Google/Microsoft 🙂

Well, coming to GEW, I have registered myself as a partner and the whole team has been encouraging me. Hope I will live up to their expectations.

More updates to come soon in the new year, so, stay tuned….

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