The Arc of Ambition
The Arc of Ambition

The Arc of Ambition

3 Weeks back, I borrowed a book from my cousin – The Arc of Ambition, Defining the Leadership Journey and it took me close to three weeks to complete it. Every chapter is a must read. The authors James Champy and Nitin Nohria did a lot of research in writing this book and I think I will have to give this a 5 Star rating for all the efforts. Each example which has been illustrated is a classic by itself.

The authors begin the book by defining the arc of ambition. There are various stages in the arc from beginning the journey to giving a graceful exit:

  • See what other’s don’t
  • Follow a steadfast path
  • Seize the moment
  • Temper ambition
  • Inspire with a greater purpose
  • Never violate values
  • Keep control by giving up
  • Change or die
  • Leave gracefully

Each page is a facinating read and this is a must for every individual. These rules need not apply to only enterprises or this book is not only for people who have high horizons, but for every person in this world to evaluate themselves and live for a purpose.

I don’t have any more words to write about this read, it was really worth the time.

My next read is going to be parallel, want to finish How to change the world and take on the Elephant, the Tiger & the Cellphone by Shashi Tharoor.

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