HeadStart Day 2 – Afternoon Session
HeadStart Day 2 – Afternoon Session

HeadStart Day 2 – Afternoon Session

Afternoon session of HeadStart kicked off with Embedded & Silicon systems segment presentations / demo’s and concluded with a fantastic panel discussion for which Dr S Ramesh of General Motors, Giri Krishna of Texas Instruments, Ganapathy Subramaniam of Cosmic Circuits and Devesh Garg of Bessemer Venture Partners providing key insights into technology and VC presence in this segment.

Vayavya Labs – Device Driver Generating Tool

Developing the world’s first automated device driver generator too.

Benefits of DDGen

  • Productivity enhancement tool, designers to move higher abstraction levels
  • Enforces right framework for development
  • Lowers customer support costs
  • Practice true re-use
  • Specification to aid silicon verification and device and system modeling

Developing products & services based on TCP/IP, Internet, Biometrics, RFID, GPRS, GPS, RF Wireless.

iWave specializes in providing turnkey embedded hardware and software design services and design solution.

Mango Technologies
The Mango Advantage:

  • Reduced time-to-market: Handset software is ready within 3 months as compared to 6 to 9 months- Mango Application Framework comes with a designer tool, a phone simulator and test interface. With these tools more than 80% of the UI development and app integration can be done on the PC.
  • Customized UI for different segments of users- New UI experiences for the end consumer with distinctive usability aspect in the UI/application design
  • Customized apps for ULC market requirement- Provides distinctive features and applications for a market segment and facilitate quick construction of mobile handset software. (E.g. very lightweight download client, mobile payment, SIP stack etc.)
  • Component based open and extensible architecture-A shift from the traditional, linear and layered architecture, this facilitates easy addition, removal and modification of parts of features and third party applications. Smart integration with new applications
  • Low cost solution for price sensitive market
  • OTA downloadable native Applications and themes- A feature that excites users and operators alike.
  • Low memory footprint-which is very critical in entry-level devices.
  • Portability across hardware platforms- With the protocol stack and OS interfaces abstracted into and restricted to one layer designed on POSIX standards to make it generic.
  • High Scalability in architecture and thru Linux binding for quick OSS app integration.
  • Rich Toolset

PS: I am no authority on Embedded not do I posses enough knowledge to comment on this subject. So, reproduced what the presenters spoke and also referred to their websites for more information.

Day 3 of HeadStart will be very exciting. We begin the day with Identifying and validating business opportunities keynote session by Srini Vudayagiri. So, tune in without fail.

Also, there are 100 free passes to give away for this session. Write to sbhagavatula [AT] gmail [dot] com

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