BarCamp Bangalore 6
BarCamp Bangalore 6

BarCamp Bangalore 6

BarCamp Bangalore or BCB6 started off with a bang on 19 April morning at IIM Bangalore. This time around, we (planners) were very clear since the beginning that this time it is going to be a classic BarCamp. If you have attended BCB 1 / BCB 2, then you can definitely understand what I am meaning here. Over the last 2 BCB’s, various formats have been experimented and there has been a good response for those too. However, there has been a great demand to re-create the classic style.

What is the classic style? Very simple, there are no spectators. Every attendee is a participant and he/she has to speak. In this way, everyone understands each others ideologies and the spirit of BarCamp.

This time, we had three categories on the wiki – Speakers, Volunteers and Talk ideas. If you wanted to attend BCB, then you should register yourself as a speaker with a topic, as a volunteer to take up any task or request for a topic which you would like to hear more on.

Day 1 saw a lot of new faces at the camp. We have quite a few from outstation too. Live twittering and live blogging have taken a leap forward during this camp. I could not participate in sessions, but was just going around and doing some writing. I need to admit that I have just not been active during this camp. Also, I could not attend Day 2 as well 🙁 Hope I don’t repeat these things going forward.

Here are few fellow tweeters who were live tweeting – BCB6, Prasanth, Vaibhav, Sanjukta, Jerry and Aditi

Here are few pictures which I took on Day 1.

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