Trip to Lepakshi
Trip to Lepakshi

Trip to Lepakshi

Yesterday, after a long time, went on a trip to Lepakshi. It is exactly 117 KM from Hebbal, Bangalore. The road until the Bangalore International Airport is fantastic, however after that, they are still constructing the road and there are many de-tours. We took around 2 and half hours to reach and while going, we missed the turning to the place. Unfortunately, there are no sign-boards which give any directions. We overshot around 20 KM to realize that we missed the turning.

When going from Bangalore, you would need to check out for KR Check-post, which is the Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border. This is around 95-98 KM from Hebbal. After the check post, go past 3 KM and you will find a junction where you need to take a left turn. Keep an eye on your odometer and ensure you ask someone if you want about the check-post and the turning. After you take the left turn, it is around 17 KM drive through few villages before you reach Lepakshi.

This small village is really very small and there are hardly any decent hotels to eat. If you are like me who does not mind eating even on the roadside, then don’t worry, you can definitely survive 🙂 Else, please load sufficient food.

The temple architecture is marvelous and it is definitely worth a visit. You can take pictures inside and spend some good peaceful time. If you are very much interested in the history, hire a guide, else you can take a tour of the temple yourself.

You may check out few pictures here.

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