Sony PRS 700 Vs Amazon Kindle
Sony PRS 700 Vs Amazon Kindle

Sony PRS 700 Vs Amazon Kindle

Well .. Well, I might not have extensive technical research on the two e-book readers in the market, but have done a decent study. Off late, I am getting more passionate to buy one of them as I can save space at home. Today, its fine, but when I think of life ahead, I will need to move to electronic book reader, rather than keep buying books and fill the house…

Currently, there are only two e-book readers available- Sony PRS 700 and Amazon Kindle (as I know, and if you know more, please let me know) and both of them have their own monopoly. Binding their customers to themselves and not providing much of flexibility. Also, I tried quite a few online book stores, and no one sells e-books 🙁 What if i just want to buy an e-book and read it on my laptop? Unfortunately, no one can help me with this.

I live in India and so, my options are much narrow. Well, for ease of supporting my current decision, look at the table below.

Features Kindle Dx Sony PRS-700
Display 9.7″ 6″
TouchScreen Yes Yes
Built in Reading Light Yes Yes
Search Yes Yes
Annotations Yes Yes
Highlight No Yes
Text Adjust Yes Yes
e-Book Stall? Yes Yes
Formats Supported Kindle (AZW), PDF, TXT, Audible (formats 4, Audible Enhanced (AAX)), MP3, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML, DOC, RTF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP PDF, Doc, BBeB, Txt
Battery Life (Single Charge) 2 Weeks 2 Weeks
Wireless Yes No
Horizontal View Yes Yes
Expand Memory? No Yes
Inbuilt Capacity 3,500 Books (4 GB) 350 Books
Read-to-me Yes No
Audio 3.5mm Jack No
Built in Dictionary Yes Yes
Music and Podcast Yes No
Sold in India No No
Price $489.00 $349.99
INR Rs.23,299.94 Rs.16,676.37

The above prices are on the day I compiled this post (not posted).

Guess what I have closed in as of now? None other than the PRS700. Why? It is simple, even though Kindle provides more flexibility, there is no point in buying it because Amazon does not allow me to buy a book, download into my Amazon account and then transfer to the reader. I can order on the web, but the book will be directly delivered to the reader through the wireless and for this you need to be only in US. There is no point in discussing this gadget anymore.

Coming to PRS 700, this is not sold in India (also I checked with Sony India if they can bring it for me, but they bluntly refused). Here is the list of key differentiators as to why you need to buy PRS 700 if you in India…

  1. Sony e-Book store delivers to your account and you can transfer the book to your device through USB.
  2. You can also transfer PDF files easily.

After posting this post, I stumbbled upon few interesting links for e-Book readers, do check them out…

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  1. suresh

    someone i know here at NSRCEL is purchasing the smaller kindle. will have a dekko at it sometime next week. he is not sure if there will be any preloaded books on it. while i am greatly tempted the joy of walking into a room full of books is completely different from walking into an empty room with a device that has all the books in the world. having said that, i sure would like to have one such device.

  2. I bought a Sony PRS-500 for less money than the PRS-700. It lacks a touch screen, and the associated screen glare. This is a perfect fit for me… until ebook readers become what I really want to have.

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