Quick Look into the Sony PRS-600 BC Touch Edition
Quick Look into the Sony PRS-600 BC Touch Edition

Quick Look into the Sony PRS-600 BC Touch Edition

I wrote a post earlier comparing the two major eBook Readers available. I compared the Amazon Kindle and Sony PRS 700.

Three days back, I purchased the Sony PRS 600 BC Touch Edition. Well, it is an impressive device and I am head over heals for it. The quality of the device is very nice. The reading comfort (Font and Display) are very neat and it gives an impression that you are reading an original book.

Key features which I just adore:

  • It is very east to start using. No complications in the setup.
  • Navigation is pretty neat and intuitive.
  • Ability to organize various kinds of reads. For example, I created folders for articles, books, and subjects.
  • Can download and store any PDF/DOC (Other standard formats are also supported) documents, so need to printing an important document for reference.
  • Ability to write notes. You want to highlight a word/sentence/paragraph and take notes? Just use the stylus and start writing. Notes are stored separately and referenced back to your document.
  • When you stop reading, it will remember the page the next time you want to go back.
  • In built dictionary.

What else can I ask for?

7 positive points and do you think there will be any reason not to own one? Yes, the below two will make you think hundred times if you do not live in the US/Canada.

  • You cannot buy books from the eBook store. You will need to depend a lot on free eBooks.
  • You will not have support in your home country/location.

The above two are justified points for you to make the decision now. When I tried to purchase a book today, it did not allow me and I called the customer care (US). They mentioned that I will not be able to buy books as I do not have a US Credit Card. I was really disappointed (pissed off is the correct word) and wanted to return back the device this evening. I even sent an email to their customer care (feedback@ebookstore.sony.com)


I have researched and found that the Sony PRS 600 Touch Edition is one of the best available for me to use and hence bought the same few days back. I am visiting United States currently and would be returning back to India next week.

When I purchased the device, the sales person did not tell me that the eBook store works only in the US. Now, when i wanted to buy a book, it did not allow me, because I do not hold a United States / Canada Credit Card.

I am just writing this email to let you know that this sucks big time. I did not expect that an organization like Sony could differentiate its customers based on region.

With a broken heart, I am returning the device which is simply useless for me.

Next time around, invent something which the world can use.

Appreciate your understanding…

After searching for sometime, found a good book store which sells eBooks – www.eBooks.com. I tried searching for few latest releases and they are available. However, the prices are not low. You will most probably pay the same price as you pay for the book. I wanted to try purchasing a book and did so. I downloaded and could copy the book to my device.

Now that I can buy eBooks, I am keeping the device. Else, would have to definitely return back without any use.

I do understand that there are business constraints for these manufacturers and publishers, but when this world has become a global village, they should have different strategy for ensuring Innovations help each and everyone.

Yesterday, ran into an issue where the system software not recognizing the device. I called the Customer Care and their executive did try to help me, but she could not. I researched and found out that their eBook Library software for the computer does not work on Windows 7. Another bummer. Again, after trying to locate and solve the compatibility problem, I could connect back the device and till now, it works good.

You need any help with the device, feel free to write to me or leave a comment.

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