Kindle ships Internationally
Kindle ships Internationally

Kindle ships Internationally

Yesterday, I was showing my new gadget to my boss and he mentioned that Kindle is now being shipped Internationally. For a second, I was not convinced because just last week I checked on their website and there was no information. Immediately I logged on to Amazon and found that they are shipping Kindle Internationally. Chose my country of location as India and they have provided some information regarding shipping and few technical details…

Need to figure out few questions now…

  • Which service provider will I latch on to for buying books?
  • How come there are no service charges/connectivity fees for wireless connectivity? I am sure the service provider should charge some money, because technology is definitely not free in business.
  • Can I subscribe to all newspapers in America from here? That would be really surprising 🙂 If this is correct, then the world has really become flat…
  • I am sure I need to pay in Dollars, but will books from Indian publishers be included?
  • Pricing would be a real tough touch point. In India, the publishing costs are definitely less and we can books (legal prints with ISBN) for less cost.

If anyone has purchased / purchasing in India, please leave a comment here and I would like to touch base with you….

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